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Effective job preparation includes improving your resume and typing the perfect cover letter. The letter is often the crucial document that leads employers to consider you as a candidate. Refrain from writing general letters and personalize your application materials to show that you are the ideal candidate for the position. Make a connection with employers and hiring managers by customizing your letter so it stands out from the rest of applications stacked on their desk.

It is important to show that you are well-versed in the company's products, services and operations. Familiarity with the company can put you in the good graces of a hiring manager, but going beyond the basics of what the company provides, can get you hired. Research the mission of the company and align your career objectives accordingly, suggests Lily Zhang with The Muse. Focus your job preparation on truly understanding why the company makes key decisions and how the mission and goals of the firm are fulfilled. Use this information to your advantage and provide specific examples of how you are mission-driven and prepared in your cover letter.

Get up close and personal when writing a cover letter to a prospective employer. Detail how you learned about the company or any interactions you have had with key professionals of the business. Indicate how you have utilized products and services sold by the potential employer and how you believe in the effectiveness of what the company provides. Do not speak vaguely, but detail how your strengths will be an asset to the company.

Match your qualifications to the desired traits and experience desired in the advertisement or job description provided by the company. Include computer software and hardware programs you have mastered that are desirable to the business and highlight your accomplishments that are directly related to what the company is seeking. Your letter should briefly and concisely show that you are a direct match to what the job description lists.

Job candidates who drop names are often seen as overzealous or obnoxious. Use a subtle approach when mentioning professionals you are associated with that are relevant to the position. It is perfectly acceptable to mention a company employee who has referred you to the job, but avoid detailing that you are related to an executive or attended a sporting event with a top professional from the firm. Avoid sounding like you are bragging and keep the cover letter simple.

Job searching is time consuming and can be overwhelming. It may seem tedious to research each company and personalize your cover letter, but it is necessary to show that you are the ideal candidate for the position. Focus on customizations that align with the company's mission, goals and culture when preparing your application materials.

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