Open the Fridge and Turn Back the Clock

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If you’re looking for a job, you already know the value of a professional-looking resume and cover letter. You probably have read a few articles about dressing for success and even hired a career coach to help find the right interview outfit to make you look contemporary and professional. Volumes have been written on how to conduct a successful job search. But the playing field isn’t level when it comes to age.


Older workers have a tougher time finding a job in today’s job market. It isn’t supposed to matter, but if you’re over 50, employers think twice about investing their training time and money in someone who may not have the ability to adapt to an increasingly technical work environment. They may also be concerned about hiring someone who has already learned some bad habits over 10 or 20 years at another company. There is something to be said about hiring someone straight out of school without previous training and experience. Besides a lower salary expectation, they are like a blank slate, ready for the company to train according to their processes and culture. Companies feel it’s easier to train someone than try to un-train someone’s bad habits.


Older workers face a more difficult roadblock—personal appearance. The years take their toll on faces, hair and waistlines. Workers who look old face a different, more subtle kind of discrimination. An article in CNN Learning, “Look Younger For Your Job Search,” advises older workers not to look old if they want to find a job. You can do a lot with hairstyle and color, makeup and posture. But what about the wrinkles and age spots? Dull skin tone and high blood pressure? Taking some steps to improve your overall health can be as easy as making some changes in your diet.


The first thing an employer sees when you show up for an interview is your face. You can eat your way into a more youthful appearance, according to an article on “What To Eat To Look Younger,” gives some suggestions on how changing your diet can take years off your appearance. Goodbye wrinkles. According to the article, a healthy diet can slow the aging process and make your face look younger. 


The biggest culprit is sugar. The latest research claims sugar is addictive, much like other drugs. reported a survey that showed for every increase in blood glucose levels, a person looks five months older. Want to look younger? Trade in the sugar bowl for natural sugars found in fruits or natural sweeteners like Stevia or xylitol. 


Next, take it easy on high-fat meat, dairy and baked goods. They not only make you look older, they can clog arteries, making you feel tired and move a little slower.


Too much salt can leave you looking and feeling bloated. Who needs the appearance of extra pounds, which can add years to your looks? Replace those processed snacks and sweets with healthy, antioxidant fruits and vegetables. The article reports that a 2010 article showed that Vitamin C can actually make your skin look younger with fewer wrinkles. That’s a much simpler and less costly solution than Botox or plastic surgery.


The last suggestion was oily fish like salmon, which is full of heart-healthy Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which can improve skin tone. 


All these suggestions may not make you younger looking overnight, but they can help you feel better and look better over time. A healthy appearance can have a positive effect on your attitude and confidence, and that’s an added plus for a job search or life in general.


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