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If you like working in the height of luxury and aren't afraid of heights, you might consider applying for a job at the Shanghai Tower J-Hotel—the world's tallest luxury hotel.

Managed by Interstate Hotels & Resorts, the Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will rise 2,073 feet into the air when completed in 2014. The hotel portion will occupy floors 84 through 110 and offer 258 guestrooms with the lobby located on the 101st floor. The Tower-J will be ultra modern yet richly imbued with Chinese culture.

As the centerpiece of the stunning Shanghai Tower, the new J-Hotel will be nestled in the heart of Shanghai’s Lujiazui finance and trade zone, adjacent to the Jin Mao tower and Shanghai World Financial Center.

Designed by Marshall Strabala, the Houston-based architectural designer who designed three of the world’s ten tallest buildings, the towering structure will be organized as nine stacked cylindrical buildings. The inner layer of the double-skin façade will enclose the stacked segments. The triangular exterior layer will create a second skin, or building envelope, which gently corkscrews into the air. The spaces between the two facade layers will create nine beautiful atrium sky gardens.

In addition, the tower will have the highest open-air observation deck in the world. The gigantic structure will even be sustainable, using wind turbines and geothermal systems to generate much of the needed power.

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