Wii Helps Rehabilitate Kids

Nancy Anderson
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A small group of students from Rice University have designed a video game for Nintendo's Wii console that uses the Wii Balance Board (I pressure sensitive peripheral) to help Shiner's Hospital's children keep track of their overall progress in physical therapy. These engineers and computer scientists spent many hours working together to create a device that helps to line up the Wii Balance Board between two hand rails which tell the doctors how much their patient is relying on their arms for support. The game currently in development is being called Equilibrium and will have patients trying to rack up points as they defeat enemies. Too much use of the hand rails will dock the patient points which will work to add incentive for the patients to mind their posture! Would you like to be a part of a health care success story like this one? Then find your dream job today! Bambi Blue is a freelance writer, editor, and social butterfly living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. When she's not blogging her little heart out for HealthCareJobsite.com, she moonlights as a jazz musician and most apparently a weisenheimer. Loves to cook, hates to clean, and can easily be found on Twitter. To read more of Bambi's posts, head toHealthCareJobsite.com and see additional job postings atNexxt.

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