What Makes Your Customer Service Moment?

John Krautzel
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Each and every customer interaction should leave both the employee and the client satisfied. Answer questions, resolve issues and place orders with customer service and company branding leading the way. Think about how you want your clients to remember their interactions with you and your company, and provide the ultimate service to create a memorable moment for the customer.

The key to successful customer interactions is to make a personal connection when handling customer requests, complaints or questions. Customers do not want to talk to multiple employees and managers, experience long wait times on hold, and repeat their concern or request over and over again. Ensure you and your employees can help the customer the first time around to create memorable customer service moments, suggests Ann Ruckstuhl with LiveOps. Company agents should have access to the product line, real-time company data, and have the authority to issue discounts or special offers to customers who are dissatisfied. Protect the company branding by enabling your employees to resolve issues to the satisfaction of each and every customer.

Empower customer service agents by providing incentives or rewards for service that goes above and beyond to satisfy clients. Your employees need to feel valued for their retention efforts and service to clients. Provide employees with opportunities to learn and advance within the company to promote empowering individuals who are committed to the goals and mission of the business. Happy employees often redistribute positive attitudes to customers, which enhances the overall customer service experience.

Focus on the overall experience for each and every customer. Although value and price are important, businesses that focus primarily on services and products available instead of the customer experience are damaging their brand. Negative experiences with employees can significantly increase the odds of a customer taking business elsewhere and sharing dissatisfaction with friends, family members and social media followers. Emphasize quality interactions with training sessions and workshops that motivate and inspire your employees to cater to the needs of clients. Create scripts that help agents calm down a frustrated customer and turn the experience into a satisfied transaction. Take the time to train employees to decrease risks that can not only affect the company's brand but also the company's profitability and productivity. Team bonding activities can also help employees learn from one another and share innovative strategies that improve overall customer service.

Your business may have the most elite, quality products and services available, but without satisfied clients, your company's value decreases in the eyes of consumers. Create customer service moments for each and every client to ensure that your business remains successful and profitable. Clients know what they want. It's up to your business to show them that they can have it with a smile.


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