What Hiring Managers Are Looking for in Your Cover Letter

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Many job seekers overlook the importance of an excellent cover letter, but hiring managers do not. A cover letter is essentially an introduction to who you are as an individual and employee. If you learn what hiring managers are looking for in this introduction, you can prepare a great cover letter that helps you land the job.

Professionalism and Genuine Interest

Even though a cover letter can be written in a friendly, social manner, hiring managers are still seeking cover letters with a professional appearance and tone. Explain why you are interested in joining the company and how your skills, knowledge and experience can further the company’s goals and objectives. Avoid the use of informal or slang words as much as possible on your cover letter, unless they relate to the industry that you plan on working in.

A Beaming Personality

Hiring managers are constantly looking for a great personality in a new hire. A resume does little to show your unique personality, but your cover letter can help you display some of your inner qualities that could go unnoticed on a great resume. Companies are seeking candidates who can demonstrate they are a good fit for both the open position and the company's current workforce, so showcasing your personality instead of writing a monotone cover letter can be your ticket to a new job.

Talents and Hobbies

What you are naturally good at and choose to do in your spare time tells a lot about you, so use your cover letter to set yourself apart from all the other candidates. Your cover letter gives you the chance to share some interesting facts about yourself, including your unique talents and hobbies. Sharing some of your personal talents and interests can help you strike up a great conversation with the hiring manager that has the power to strengthen your first impression.

Accurate Information

Remember to make sure that every bit of your contact information is correct on your cover letter. If your personal information is inaccurate, you can miss out on a job opportunity. In addition, resist the urge to add information in your cover letter that does not truly reflect you. If a hiring manager finds a discrepancy between the information that you report and the truth, you could mar your chances at employment.

New Info

If you are currently working towards a degree, certificate or another major career pursuit, you can share it in your cover letter to raise your attractiveness as a candidate. Avoid repeating too much of the same information that is already included in your resume so you don't bore the hiring manager. Although you can repeat some of the information included on your resume, don't simply paste all of the info in your cover letter. Be selective and add only information that shows your high compatibility as a job candidate or strengthens any points you present.

Job candidates who use a superb cover letter to help represent themselves are more likely to secure the job. Although a great resume is a valuable asset, do take the time to construct a cover letter that shines to get your foot in the door and set yourself up for a successful interview.

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