What are the 3 Things that Matter More than Your Resume?

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There's no question that your resume is essential to the job search process. It introduces you to employers and helps them determine if you're a suitable candidate for the position. However, even if your resume shines above all the others sitting on your potential employer's desk, there's still a chance you might not get the job. Resumes are important, but there are three things that are more important when it comes to impressing employers.

1. Relevant Skills

A job recruiter's ultimate goal is to find the most suitable candidate for the position; therefore, job recruiters generally seek candidates with a very specific skill set. Avoid wasting the employer's time by making sure you have the exact skills needed to perform the job. If the employer is looking for an internet marketer with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads experience, describe your experience using these advertising platforms in the personal narrative or job summary at the top of your resume. Also, prepare to discuss these skills in detail with the employer over the phone and in person. A perfectly polished, professional-looking resume is useless to employers if you lack the skills essential for the job.

2. Quantified Accomplishments

Make sure job recruiters know the exact results you achieved in previous roles. Your quantifiable accomplishments speak volumes about your potential as an employee. To do this, you must create an achievement-based resume. This type of resume is very specific and uses actual data. Instead of stating that you "helped increase holiday sales," describe what you did to increase sales by 50 percent during the 2016 holiday season and how you helped the company earn an extra $500,000 in holiday revenue. Quantified data helps you stand out, allowing recruiters to view you as an asset rather than just another job candidate.

3. Enthusiasm

Your enthusiasm about the position, the company and your potential job role should be evident. Do your best to express your passion for your field in your resume and cover letter, and make absolutely sure your passion comes across over the phone and in person when speaking to recruiters. Let them know exactly why you want to join the company. Talk about their innovative product line, phenomenal company culture and positive impact on the entire industry. Express your admiration for specific employees and your desire to work alongside them in the future. Obvious enthusiasm for the organization and position goes much further than anything you could type on your resume.

Having a polished resume that's professional, detailed and free of grammar and spelling errors is essential, but there are more factors involved when it comes to landing a job. Your resume is simply your introduction to employers. Once you capture the recruiter's attention with this document, let your bold and enthusiastic personality, quantifiable accomplishments and impressive achievements help you stand out from all the other candidates.

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article posted by Staff Editor
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