Two Better Ways to End Your Cover Letter

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Traditional cover letters end with a call to action. The applicant requests an interview or describes how he looks forward to meeting with someone from the company. In reality, the person reading the cover letter already knows that you want an interview and is aware that you are hoping to land a job. Try something different in your cover letters to capture the attention of the hiring manager and land the interview.

For a better cover letter ending, quickly explain how your specific experience or your unique perspective makes you a great fit for the position for which you are applying. The end of your cover letter might be your last attempt to influence the opinion of the reader before he moves on to another applicant. Tell the reader what he needs to hear to remember you as a great choice. For example, if you are applying for an advertising position, state that your previous experience developing creative campaigns on tight deadlines prepares you well for the position of advertising director. Be specific and to the point. Rambling loses the reader's attention and should always be avoided in cover letters.

For some positions, your unique attitude, perspective or world view might be a better selling point. These are also good choices for job changers and new graduates. A teacher can focus on her love of children as demonstrated by her many hours of volunteer work on their behalf. Some one moving into sales might emphasize their determination and ability to follow through during difficult times. Great cover letters show how you are different from the other applicants. This focus should carry through to the very end of the letter.

A second option for your cover letter ending is to focus on your desire to work for the specific company to which you are applying. This requires a sincere desire to work for that specific company and a bit of research about their values, mission and culture. Reminding the reader that you understand and appreciate their company is a great way to capture their attention and stick in their mind as a good candidate for the position. Discuss specific things about the company that you admire. This could be a project, product, method or charity work. Express respect for the company's growth, values or other attributes. Mention concrete examples, such as awards that the company has received, to show that you have done your homework. Do not forget to tie yourself into this information by sharing how you expect to fit in at your new company home.

Great cover letters go beyond typical cover letter templates and hold the reader's attention until the very last word. Compose a unique closing paragraph that ties your experience or attitude to the position and company for the best chance at getting the job. Memorable closing paragraphs for your cover letters remind the hiring manager of how you shine and would be an asset to his organization.

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