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Laser eye surgery is becoming increasingly popular and employment opportunities in this field are growing. But where can you get the training you need to become an eye (ophthalmic) technician? Fortunately, there are a number of schools that will prepare you for this lucrative field. Here are three:

Greenville Specialized College

Situated in Greenville, South Carolina, this public two-year community and technical college awards certificates, diplomas and associate degrees in healthcare. Students enrolled in the college's ophthalmic medical assistant certificate program are required to complete 90 hours of classroom study and related practical laboratory work. The curriculum covers everything from computerized medical billing to eye care. Students must also perform clinical work at area ophthalmic offices. For more information, visit Greenville Specialized College.

Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute

This two-year public community and technical college in Hudson, North Carolina offers a two-year ophthalmic medical assistant program. The three-semester program prepares graduates to perform ocular testing, administer medications and perform a variety of other specialized tasks. Subjects covered include diseases of the eye, ophthalmic patient care, and how to work and communicate with patients. Classroom study is supplemented with practical laboratory work and clinical experience. For more information, visit Caldwell Community College.

Emory Eye Center

Emory Eye Center is part of Emory University, a private four-year institution in Atlanta, Georgia. This world-renowned center offers two key training programs in ophthalmology. Its Ophthalmic Technician and Ophthalmic Medical Technologist Training Programs prepare students to become laser eye surgery technicians and ophthalmic surgical assistants. Students have a choice of two program tracks, neither of which requires a background in ophthalmology or medical related fields. Courses cover everything from ophthalmic optics and surgical assisting to oculoplastics. Students also perform clinical work in glaucoma and cornea treatments. For more information, visit Emory Eye Center.

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