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Your customers and clients crave tools that make life easier. Customer service tools should provide convenience, simplicity and satisfaction. Companies who seek to adopt mobile shopping, online customer service and multiple modes of communication for customer inquiries are launching their businesses into the future and potentially increasing their bottom line and profitability.

Today's customers are well-educated and seek opinions before making purchases. Establish online communities to provide them with the customer service tools they crave. Online communities provide companies with the venue to monitor customer feedback, improve the brand experience and communicate with potential buyers, according to Stuart Leung with Salesforce.

Jump on the social-media bandwagon to improve customer service and market your products and services. Promote new products and services, engage with customers, troubleshoot customer problems and offer timely responses to feedback via social media. Customers value genuine and speedy responses versus working with a company that only maintains a static web page.

Communication is key when providing customer service tools that matter to your clients. Offer live chat on your company's website so customers can gain quick and helpful advice at the click of a key. Customers who have questions or problems that need an immediate response typically feel more loyal and engaged when they can quickly ask a question online via chat and receive an immediate response to enhance their shopping experience.

Clients want answers right away when a product is malfunctioning. A help ticket system that is user-friendly and located prominently on a company website is a valuable service to provide. Create a system that allows customers to submit a help desk ticket so your company can provide a quick resolution and track common problems and issues with services or clients. This type of system is one of the most valuable customer service tools for both the potential buyer, current customer and company itself as businesses have the capabilities to anticipate problems and proactively work to improve products and services.

Mobile applications that provide customer service and mobile shopping options are must-have customer service tools for any size or type of business. A growing number of consumers spend more time using their smartphones to browse products and services than they do browsing the web from a laptop or desktop computer. Provide convenient resources by implementing mobile applications that offer customer service responses, mobile checkouts and help desk inquiries to show your company's willingness to satisfy potential and current customers.

Innovative and technology-based customer service tools are the key to satisfying consumers. As technology advances, businesses must adopt new ways to interact with consumers and provide customer support. Today's consumers are inquisitive, knowledgeable, and eager to thoroughly investigate companies and products prior to purchasing. Ensure your customers that your company can provide a meaningful shopping experience from the first inquiry to the product's delivery with customer service tools that are convenient and simple.


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