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Taking vitamin supplements is part of the morning routine of millions of Americans and for that matter, people around the world.  A fish oil capsule for those healthy Omega 3’s.  A little extra E for your skin and A for your eyes.  Or, just pop one of the super-mega vitamin tablets with over 100 percent of the RDA’s (recommended daily allowance) of every single vitamin known to man plus lots of minerals and herbs.  Now you’re feeling healthy. 

But are you really doing your body a favor?  A CBS news report debunked the vitamin-popping habit with the news that new studies and clinical trials on the benefits of vitamin supplements said, “No.”  In some cases, in fact, you could be doing your body more harm than good.  Taking too much of certain vitamins can be harmful, especially for well-nourished individuals who are getting enough vitamins and minerals from the food they eat.  How do you think people got them in the first place?  Why take a pill that gives you 100 percent of vitamin C, and then overdose yourself with a glass of orange juice for breakfast, which supplies another 100 percent? 

Switching to an antibacterial soap has to be a good habit.  But yet another myth was debunked in the same news report.  Most people get sick from viruses, not bacteria, the report said.  So, all that anti-bacterial soap may be good for marketing, but doesn’t do much for making people healthier.  Again, one of the ingredients in anti-bacterial soap could even be harmful.  It seems that triclosan has been found to interfere with hormone development and can actually promote the growth of drug-resistant bacteria.  Instead of banning all those products, the FDA is asking manufacturers to prove the soaps are really beneficial and do what the marketing hype says they do.

A lot of habits and hype we buy into can be detrimental to our health and also our careers.  Are there things in your job search that you’ve started doing because it’s the latest topic in careers and employment?  Is it an old practice that you’ve been doing for years but not getting results?  Some habits can actually hurt your job search rather than help it.

1.       Hand delivering resumes/applications.  In a digital world, hand delivering a resume can be a sign that you’re not comfortable with email, scanning, or communicating online in general.  Recruiters keep files electronically, and a paper resume, printed on heavy vellum with a folder, etc., can be the same as giving someone an 8-track or a floppy disk.  Instead of something impressive, it can be more of an annoyance.  Make your case digitally, and attach a portfolio to impress a recruiter.

2.       Asking for an “informational interview.”  People are busy, and it’s hard enough to schedule real interviews with prospective candidates selected from the best of the pool of resumes.  Do your research online instead of taking up someone’s time to find out if they have a position open or if their company or industry is hiring and what it takes to be a prime candidate for the job.  Expertise in finding information online and then targeting a job opening is more impressive than asking to discuss a general subject with a busy executive.

Like taking vitamins or using anti-bacterial soap, some job search habits can do more harm than good.  If you’re not getting called for interviews examine your job search strategy, get rid of outdated habits and get online.  Improve your computer and digital communications skills for a healthier job search plan.


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