Tips for Dealing with Bad Direction from Management

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Advertising departments often have teams that work closely together, making it necessary to have a manager who motivates and inspires the team. An ineffective manager often lowers team morale by micromanaging and not appreciating ideas the team presents. Dealing with a bad manager isn't always easy, but there are numerous things you can do to make your workday more pleasant and productive.

Ineffective managers can make work difficult. But, according to, putting yourself in your boss's shoes gives you a better understanding of what motivates and overwhelms your boss, making it easier for you to manage expectations and deliver results. So, before you decide how to deal with an ineffective manager, spend some time thinking about what his or her job entails.

It's the advertising manager's job to manage a creative team that's capable of planning programs for clients that generate interest in a product or service. So basically, in addition to monitoring your team, your boss has to present the advertising campaign that the team develops to the client. Lack of total control during the development process may be stressful to your boss. He or she may be worried about whether or not the client will approve the campaign. Stress is normal, but an ineffective manager might be overwhelmed enough to start micromanaging. Instead of allowing yourself to become overwhelmed, try reassuring your boss that the work is getting completed on schedule and offer to send occasional project updates so that everyone is in the loop.

If you think your boss is a complete jerk, it may be that your boss is dealing with an issue that you aren't aware of. According to, employees often assume that their boss is angry with them when their boss is dealing with an issue that doesn't involve the team. This may happen frequently if your advertising department has a close-knit work environment.  The key to dealing with situations like these is to confront the issue. Open the lines of communication with your boss. If your boss is angry or disappointed with something you did, talk about it and resolve the issue. The worst thing you can do is assume that you are dealing with an ineffective manager who wouldn't address concerns or clarify the real cause of the problem.

Ultimately, the key to dealing with a bad manager is communication. If you feel like your boss is an ineffective manager, talking about your expectations and reviewing your responsibilities will often resolve the issue. When your team is on the same page, it's easier to work together, come up with fresh ideas, and produce campaigns that clients will love.



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