Three Ways to Kick Off Your Customer Service Job Search in 2014

John Krautzel
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Whether you're looking for a new customer service job or wanting an opportunity to advance your career, the new year is a great time to start the job search. Focusing on how you attempt your search can be as important for saving time as deciding which positions and companies you pursue. You should strive to ensure that you are looking for your next customer service job in the right places, your resume is updated and relevant, and you are ready to make the most of any opportunity, no matter how small, to get the customer service career you want.

Looking for a customer service job in the wrong places can quickly derail your search or cause you to waste valuable time. Fields with growing opportunities for representatives include smartphone, computer, and application providers. This means that many opportunities are available online, and some of those may offer work-from-home opportunities and similar benefits that are becoming more common as the world moves towards ever greater digital integration. Tech companies also operate many call centers and more traditional work environments for those who find working at home less than desirable.

If you haven't updated your resume since your last job or review at work, then it is definitely outdated. Before you begin searching for your next customer service job, make sure that your resume has the latest information and can help you catch the attention of today's modern recruiters. Resumes riddled with typos can quickly get you disqualified from consideration, even if you are a stellar performer in the customer service field, and searching for a job is made much harder when recruiters cannot identify your relevant skills and experience from a glance at your resume. Listing this information prominently and tailoring each submission to the customer service job you desire can help increase your chances of landing the position.

Keep an eye out for potential opportunities whenever you are searching for a job. Take the time to compose answers to common interview questions, and dress as though your next trip in the elevator will be alongside a hiring agent who has the job you need. The elevator can be a great source of opportunity if you have an elevator pitch—a concise explanation of what you are looking for and what you have to offer—at the ready.

Searching for jobs in the customer service field can be a daunting task, especially if you have been out of work for some time or have gaps in your employment history. Prepare yourself to explain any abnormalities in your resume, and make sure that you are looking in areas where customer service needs are high. This can help ensure you don't miss an opportunity for the customer service job that offers the benefits and lifestyle you most desire.


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