Three Skills That Make the Best Salespeople

Joseph Stubblebine
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Everyone, at some point in their lives, utilizes some form of sales skill. Developing those skills can make the difference between an average salesperson and a highly skilled sales professional. Whether you are working as a direct sales professional or the leader of a sales team, ongoing development of these core competencies is essential for your continued success.

Focusing on a customer's overall buying experience is probably the most critical step in any sales interaction. Remember, he has come to you for a reason, but it is up to you to give him a reason to stay. Developing empathy for a customer in a direct sales interaction is probably the most effective way of identifying his key needs. This means really listening to what he is saying and reading his deeper meaning rather than just trying to convince him to make a purchase or sign on the dotted line.

The most frustrating part of direct sales is often having to explain details more than once, and for this reason it is important to clearly articulate the value of a product or service in terms that are understood by your client or customer. Listen to the words he uses, and let those observations guide your own word choices when explaining key concepts or details. This will help you avoid confusion and prevent you from having to repeat yourself.

When training on any sales program or selling any product, confidence is key. This is not just confidence in yourself and your ability, but confidence in the product you are selling. Direct sales contacts break down quickly if the salesperson in question does not believe in what it is he is selling. Sometimes, all it takes is improving your understanding of the product or service and the benefits it provides a customer.

Each of these skills allows the average sales professional to exceed the expectations of the customer or client, leading to a much more memorable buying experience over all. From the most basic direct sales interaction to maintaining a long-term client relationship, good sales skills make all the difference in the world. More than anything else though, make sure that you approach any sales interaction from the customer's perspective. Make the product or service you're selling relevant to him and his needs rather than just regurgitating facts that sound good.

No professional salesperson can afford to let his skills atrophy. Ongoing development of those core competencies critical to your success can mean the difference between falling short of your minimum sales goal and exceeding your direct sales target. For a team leader, this means leading your team's development. With the right professional development practices, you and your team can outperform anyone's expectations.

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