There are Some Great Advantages to Hiring Military Veterans

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As you're building a business, hiring is crucial. The right employees can boost productivity and profits, all while reducing training and turnover costs. That's where military veterans come in — these former service members come with valuable skills that can boost your company and help you build a powerhouse team.


The military, with its many moving parts, thrives on structure. As a result, military veterans are often exceptionally well-organized. They know how to work within an existing system, which is important if your company consists of many interdependent parts. Many service men, especially those who have held leadership positions, also know how to create order from chaos — a huge benefit to businesses. If you need someone who can juggle detail-oriented tasks or manage a complicated workflow, hiring a veteran can be a great choice.

International Perspective

The world is getting smaller, which can bring exciting business opportunities in the global marketplace. If you're planning to expand internationally, military veterans can be invaluable assets to your company. Many service members have experience living and working overseas. They understand how to navigate foreign business and cultural systems, so they can help you manage the process. Some veterans also have expert-level foreign language skills, which saves on translation fees and helps you gain insider insight.


Are you trying to build a focused, goal-driven team? If so, military veterans can make great hires. During service, troops have a laser focus on the mission at hand. As a result, they can gather information, act thoughtfully and make decisions quickly to achieve the end goal. What's more, since they know how to cooperate and collaborate, veterans make fantastic team players. As the boss, that means that you don't have to micromanage or worry about low-level team performance issues. Instead, you can step back and focus on the bigger picture. Need to give feedback? Your veteran employees are accustomed to working in a hierarchy, so they're able to accept and implement constructive criticism.

Well-Developed Skills

Military veterans often leave the service with well-developed skills. They might be experts in vehicle maintenance, for example, or know how to manage large-scale inventory levels. Plus, since the military doesn't tolerate inefficiency or ineffectiveness, veterans know how to do these tasks right the first time. Their high level of experience also means that you can spend less time and money on training — a big deal when your company has a tight budget. If you can find a veteran with experience that matches your company's needs, it can lead to better, more efficient operations.

When it comes to hiring, military veterans can make great candidates. By looking for veterans with the right mix of training and experience, you can build an efficient, hardworking team to build your business.

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  • Scott J.
    Scott J.

    Please read How Big Business Treats Our US MILITARY @hhc16th

  • Abdirashid M.
    Abdirashid M.

    Ok i will

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Erin J. thanks for your comment. Are you speaking from personal experience? Are you disabled and unable to find a job? Have you tried to go through the disabled Veteran's organization? Or through the VA and qualify for one of their programs where you can learn a new skill? There are a ton of resources out there to assist disabled veterans. Check them out and see if they can't assist. I, myself, am a disabled veteran and was able to find work so I know it's possible. Just contact the DAV. They may be able to guide you on your next steps. Thanks for your service!

  • Erin J.
    Erin J.

    Veterans are not treated well after discharge; especially if hurt. Working gives them a self esteem boost. They always have exceptional prioritizing skills.

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