The Art of the Thank You Note

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It’s good manners that after a birthday or wedding you send a thank you note to your guests. But no one mentions that you should also thank the person you just interviewed with. How exactly does one go about phrasing a thank you note to a stranger for a position you don’t have yet? Here are four tips on how to craft the perfect thank you note.

1. The basics- subject line and greeting

Every thank you note typically follows the same pattern. Your subject line is the first thing your interviewer will see. Make sure you’re specifying the position you applied for and the day of your interview. Something simple such as, thank you for your time today- Marketing Position Interview, is a great way to be specific but also personable. Following the subject line is your personalized greeting. The first thing you want to do is include your interviewer’s name -- at this point, you can’t rely on the vagueness of “to whom it may concern.”


Make sure to briefly mention something that is specific to the conversation you had. Did they mention a specific project they were working on or a story that resonated with you? Mention how it was a pleasure to learn more about them and their work experience with the company.

2. The actual “thank you” part

After acknowledging them and making that personal connection, you actually say thank you. Thank them for taking the time out of their day to meet with you and sharing more about the position.

3. Show them how awesome you are

During interviews, it’s likely that you’ll mention a project you’re working on or past projects you’ve completed. Especially in a creative role, this is an opportunity to include any work that wasn’t already in your portfolio. Give a brief description of the project and why you’re attaching it. Your interviewer is speaking to many applicants, so this thank you letter is the perfect way to keep your name at the top of the list. This is also the time to reiterate your qualifications for the position.

4. ...And scene

As you close out the thank you note, make sure to include that you’ll be waiting for them to contact you. Voice to them that if they need any more information from you or if they have follow-up questions that they are welcome to contact you. Make sure to include all of your contact information. Express to them that you are eager to arrange a follow-up interview. This shows them that you are confident the interview went well.

One in five candidates forget to send a thank you note after an interview. However, 68% of hiring managers say that thank you notes affect their hiring decision. Thank you notes are painless and easy to craft, so take the time out of your day to send them to your interviewer. A simple thank you note could be what’s keeping you from landing your dream job.


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