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You've finally gotten a job interview for the position of your dreams. You are prepared, know everything about the company and have memorized your resume by heart. It's all going exactly as you imagined until your potential employer asks you to share something personal about yourself that would demonstrate why you should get the job. If you panic in this type of situation, these interview tips could help you ace that big job interview.

Be Yourself

While your skills and work experience are an important part of any job interview, many employers want to know a little more about what makes you tick before deciding whether or not you would make a good employee for their company. If your potential employer wants to know more about you as a person, don't be afraid to get a little personal.

Discuss personal strengths or achievements that aren't listed on your resume to give the interviewer a little more insight into who you are and how you work. It's okay if these aren't directly related to a previous work experience as long as they show how your strengths could be a fit for the position you're interviewing for.

Be Positive and Truthful

A negative attitude is a sure way to kill any job interview, so keep your response positive. If you're struggling to find something positive to say about a previous challenge, be honest about how you dealt with the situation. Share what you learned from your mistakes, and talk about how you'd do things differently next time.

Employers aren't necessarily looking for someone who is perfect, but they will be attracted to positive personalities who learn from mistakes and who are always willing to try again when things aren't successful the first time.

Be Prepared To Be Personal

Just because a job interview switches from professional to personal unexpectedly, it doesn't mean you have to be unprepared. Plan ahead, and have a few personal experiences ready to share with your interviewer. This can help you remain composed and keep you feeling confident with your interviewing skills. This confidence is attractive to a potential employer and will help you feel more comfortable with the job interview process.

Being prepared will also impress your interviewer, who is likely looking to hire someone who can plan ahead for successful outcomes. When you arrive at a job interview prepared for any question, you can greatly increase your chances of success.

While it's true you can practice for your interview plenty and still not get the job, putting these interview tips into practice is still good form. You just never know when a job interview will require something a little more complicated than your resume details, so be ready to get personal in order to increase your odds of getting the job.


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    John Mc Guire

    good for you!


    I have been married 30 years (and to the same man! I'm not a quitter) No seriously, I have a wonderful husband, he is from Venezuela, we met when he was attending Notre Dame. He has always put me first, it's just his nature, and I believe that is why we are still together. I can speak A lot of Spanish, which has come in very handy , but I would not call myself Fluent, as I am always learning new words, however, can I maintain a conversation with someone who only speaks Spanish, absolutely.

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