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Jen Aniston has a sex tape? No way! Take a look at her new viral video

Ok, ok. It isn't really a sex tape, but Jennifer Aniston's new viral video spot for Smart Water is called “Jen Aniston's sex tape”. In the commercial spot, Jen teams up with a group of techies to make the most viral video possible. Even though it is obviously an attempt to copy the things that have made other videos become internet sensations, it is still really, really funny.
Jen Aniston has been a long time spokesperson for Smart Water. And, as most people who work in Communications know, sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to sell your product. In the 3 minute long commercial there are puppies, dancing babies and even a double rainbow guy. I think that as more companies test out commercial spots like these, it may change the way that corporate America thinks about advertising and internet based commercials. In this spot, you can certainly see the influence that YouTube has had on the way that we all think about video.
The funniest part is when Jen kicks a fan and says “Sorry, but that should be worth about 100,000 hits.” Indeed it is. Who doesn't like seeing actresses kick eager fans? Take a look at the video:

What do you think about the new viral commercial? Do you think that spots like this one are going to change the way that companies think about their video advertisements? Let me know in the comments.
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