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A key element of job preparation is writing a cover letter that engages hiring managers. You have one opportunity to impress potential employers and prompt them to call you in for an interview. Make yourself stand out from the rest of the candidates with a letter that provokes a call to action and shows the potential employer that you are the one.

A cover letter should not only display your skills and strengths, but also your job preparation. Show that you have researched the company by commenting on specific accomplishments and awards the business has received. Detail what you know about the company's mission and goals, and identify how your work ethic and leadership style is in line with the company's culture.

Provide specific evidence that supports why you are qualified for the position. Outline your proficiency in tasks that are referenced in the job description and detail accomplishments that are directly related to the industry. Target the job role and show how your skills can impact the business in a positive manner by detailing how you have met goals and deadlines, worked well with teams and met client needs. Employers need to see that you have the skills and experience to fulfill the job duties when reading your cover letter.

Sell yourself as an asset to the company when writing a cover letter. Your resume should provide a list of previous positions and duties, but your letter should expand upon your skills, accomplishments and personality traits that the business is seeking. Show how you interact with clients and customers by detailing feedback from surveys and evaluations. Note your approach to customer service, sales, marketing or management that represents and models the culture of the company. Employers are interested in knowing that your personality fits with their philosophies and that you have the qualities and traits that can potentially motivate and inspire team members.

Include hobbies, interests and involvement in the community that is directly related to the position or the industry within your cover letter to show that you are engaged with others, too. Businesses seek individuals who are well-connected in the community and have the ability to attract new clients or customers on a regular basis. A company that is well-connected in the community is often seeking an individual who is willing to network and contribute to charitable missions.

Employers are seeking candidates who are motivated, personable and genuine. Your personality and work ethic should shine through within a cover letter. Detail how you can impact the culture of the business as well as the productivity and profitability with specific examples and accomplishments that are relevant to the industry and in line with what the employer has noted as desirable in the job advertisement or description.

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