Some Simple Techniques to Improve Your Customer Service

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Excellent customer service practices are crucial to any business' success and longevity. As modern technology changes the way customers and businesses interact with each other, customer service takes on many different faces. Consider the following trends in modern customer service to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

Use Text Messaging

Let your fingers do the talking. As a customer service tool, text messaging allows customers to communicate with companies instantly, without having to call an 800 number or log on to a website. Text messaging can also be used as a way to update customers with useful information, such as confirmation numbers, tracking numbers and shipping delays.

Conduct Post-Call Surveys

For customers who use the phone as a primary means of communication with businesses, post-call surveys are an effective way to collect feedback on the customer service experience. Automated IP phone systems can be programmed to instantly call a customer back once that customer has ended a phone call with a representative. A quick one- or two-question survey is all that is needed to gauge the customer's sense of satisfaction with how the call was handled, and provides valuable information about the representative's performance.

Call Forwarding

Most sophisticated phone systems offer options for call routing and sequential dialing. When a customer calls in, the primary phone line rings first, and if the call isn't answered, the call is automatically routed to a second line, then a third, then another, until the call is answered. Calls can also be forwarded to several lines simultaneously so that multiple phones ring at the same time until a customer service representative picks up the call. This strategy drastically reduces hold times, cuts down on dropped calls and helps prevent misdirected calls.

Connect Through Social Media

Social media is a major aspect of modern customer service. Customers have the power to post powerful reviews, both positive and negative, to public business pages as well as their own private profiles on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Therefore, it is essential to have a dedicated employee to maintain and monitor your company's social media presence. It is this person's job to respond quickly to consumer complaints and inquiries, and update the general public with new information on products and services. Social media is a powerful platform through which businesses can connect with their customers and the public at large. You can also use social media to collect quick and honest feedback from your most loyal and vocal customers. Use this information to improve your customer service practices.

The modern customer expects businesses to offer speed and convenience, and businesses must respond to this demand. By working with modern technology such as automated phone systems, text messaging and online social media, you can reach your customers quickly and efficiently, and give them the customer service experience they want.

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