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How many sets of scrubs do you own? If you’re just starting out in the health care field, likely you have a few pairs that you wore to school. The longer you’ve been in and the more liberally the dress code’s been enforced, the larger the uniform section in your closet.

If this is the first job you’ve had you’ll want to start out with 2 sets ready to go and the money saved to purchase another one when you land your job. Different offices may require different kinds of scrubs. A pediatrician may feel that a conglomeration of colorful cartoon character clad employees adds an edge when dealing with children.

However the optometrist might prefer his staff to stick to navy blue to keep it professional. No point in shelling out the extra cash for a top with your favorite toon until you know you’ll actually be able to wear it to work. Nobody there would be able to see who it was anyway. Licensed character designs are often more expensive options over solids in general. Wait until you’ve gotten a pay check or two before you treat yourself.

If you find out you’ll be limited to one or two hues to choose from you won’t have wasted any money; sometimes the office might buy scrubs in bulk and offer you a discount. In larger health care settings there is the possibility of a service which provides uniforms and launders them for the company.

Likely you’ll be buying your own and you can spend a little or a lot depending on how you buy them. Here are some suggestions:

Nothing’s cheaper than free

  • Check out the free section on Craigslist

  • Ask someone who has worked in healthcare for hand me downs

  • Sew your own from a set of sheets

Sniff out a bargain

  • Thrift stores often have a selection of used scrubs, watch for stains or pilling and you can find some nice deals

  • Check out church bazaars too, you’re more likely to find a selection there than running to different yard sales

  • Shop at the close out stores, places like Big Lots or Ollie’s Bargain Outlet have brand new threads that are closer to second hand prices

Go in together

  • Organize a swap meet where other healthcare workers can trade uniforms, any leftovers can be donated

  • Talk to your co workers about buying scrubs in bulk be the one to organize it in your office and your new boss might notice the initiative you’re taking.

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By Heather Fairchild


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