Seven Ways to Craft a Better Cover Letter

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One of the key elements of job preparation involves crafting a customized cover letter for each position. Hiring managers scan through application materials from hundreds or thousands of candidates, so it is important for your hiring packet to stand out from the rest. Pay close attention to grammar, provide a call to action, and sell your skills and experience when crafting a letter that captures the interest of a potential employer.

1. Capture Interest Right Away

An opening statement is crucial to capturing the interest of a hiring manager. Potential employers do judge a book by its cover when reading through your cover letter, explains Kimberly Joki with Grammarly. Start with an opener that shows your eagerness to work for the company with a splash of your professional personality.

2. Make Your Words Count

Avoid viewing application materials as a routine formality that must be included. Your letter serves a purpose. Show how you are the perfect fit for the position when crafting this important element of your job preparation. View the letter as a persuasive essay, and provide evidence that proves you are the best candidate for the job.

3. Adhere to Professional Formatting

The ability to write a well-crafted letter is a sought-after skill in the business world. Show potential employers that you can craft a professional piece of correspondence by properly formatting addresses and dates and indenting paragraphs. Examine your spelling and grammar, and present your experience and skills professionally to display your keen communication skills.

4. Avoid Explaining Your Weaknesses

Focus on the job skills you do have within the cover letter versus pointing out what you are lacking. Do not apologize for skills desired that you do not posses. Focus on your strengths and the key skills you have that make you the ideal candidate, and sell yourself confidently. Allow your enthusiasm and positive attitude to shine through with each and every word.

5. Model the Job Description

Point out the skills you have that are listed within the job description when writing a cover letter. Detail how you have proficiency in computer applications and tasks that are desired by the employer. Hiring managers seek candidates with experience and those who show they can jump right into the position with little to no training.

6. Expand From Your Resume

Avoid repeating information from your resume within the cover letter. Employers have access to both documents, which is why you should use the cover letter as an opportunity to expand upon information in your resume. Highlight accomplishments, deadlines met, experience working with teams and goals achieved within past positions. Show your personality and detail how you would fit well within the company culture.

7. Make a Good Impression

A well-crafted letter shows enthusiasm, positivity and eagerness to become part of the company's team. Outline how you can impact the bottom line of the business, and show how you plan to enhance the company's operations.

A well-crafted cover letter offers a slice of personality with a professional overview of your experience and skills. Show how you can impact the business with a letter that stands out from the competition.

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