Options for Working Moms – Is it all or Nothing?

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Many working moms struggle with the day-to-day grind of the workweek. While many may enjoy their jobs, they may not enjoy the ritual of waking up early, getting the kids ready, only to drop them off at daycare. Oftentimes, a large portion of their paycheck goes straight to the people who are caring for their children during the day. If you’re a mom who is not happy with your situation, there are alternatives for you to explore. Not all of them are going to suit your needs but you might find a couple that you should investigate further. Part Time Jobs While those who are on a tight budget might not be able to afford this option, others may want to question what their current employer offers. You also have to consider the type of job you’re in and if it lends itself to being a part-time gig. If your current employer is not willing to accommodate a part-time position, then start looking for other positions that might be more flexible. However, because you have history with them, your current company is your best bet. Telecommuting Jobs Even though this is still not the ‘norm’, more and more companies are allowing workers to telecommute. Again, this arrangement works best with your present employer because you have built up trust. However, there are many companies now who are looking strictly for telecommuters and there are sites out there that can help you make those connections. There are a number of different arrangements for telecommuting that are possible. There are those situations where you are allowed to telecommute 100% of the time because the employer is not local. Other time, you work 2-3 days at home, and the other days in the office. You still get face time with your employer but you also get more time with your children. Ideally, when you do work at home, you can work the hours you want, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Virtual Assistant Work Becoming a virtual assistant can be a very rewarding experience. You basically work as an assistant for other businesses doing a variety of work, but many times, you’re not even in the same state. Some responsibilities can include working on websites, submitting articles to directories, Internet research and many other tasks. If you’re lucky, you can team up with someone who is willing to teach you new skills…and pay you at the same time. Ghostwriting Profession Ghostwriting is basically writing articles, blog posts, etc., for someone else and that person receiving the credit. You do not own the work and you are hired as a freelance writer. This is something you might want to look into if you enjoy writing and are skilled at it. These writers are in demand with website owners and you can make a pretty good living at it. Be prepared to conduct research on topics that you are unfamiliar with and get ready for criticism. If you’re not happy with your work situation, you do have the power to change it. Arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence that you can be a happy and fulfilled working mom – whether you choose to work inside or outside your own home.

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