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For those of you currently in the field of nursing and looking for a new job, you probably know that the competition can be fierce (depending on where you are located). Where there is a lot of competition in your area, it is important to do all you can to be a cut above the rest.  At a recent job fair, many nursing recruiters were interviewed and gave a wealth of advice and strategies for landing a position in this highly competitive field. Here I have brought together a few of those tips that were shared:


  • If your current location is over saturated, being open to the idea of relocating may be highly suggested. This cannot be easily done by everyone, but if you are able, then you will potentially have a better chance of success. 
  • Having a great cover letter is reported as being important. The fact is, hiring agents receive a ton of online applications and resume files, and if the majority of them have similar skills, it will come down to presentation and personality. Within the cover letter you can show what traits and skills make you different from the rest, and if you sell yourself adequately, may be the major difference between you and the next applicant.
  • Be open to new opportunities, whether it may be those directly within your already established skill set, or branching out to closely related new areas. Also, be open to different shifts and schedules, as flexibility in schedule and skills available may be a deciding factor in the hiring process.
  • With the ever changing technology of the medical field, it is important that you stay on top of new technologies and skills. Having and showing a constant desire to grow in your skills and knowledge, through further education and training, is a trait that many recruiters are looking for.
  • Attitude and personality are things that are looked for in new employees. The medical industry is already a stressful career, but adding to that by clashing and negative personalities is not desirable. Recruiters are looking for the skills, but also pay attention to those people who are pleasant and portray the personality traits that would make for good team players.
  • Med/Surg skills are highly suggested for all those entering/working within the nursing field. Many tips mentioned spending a good year or more in getting a foundation in this area before seeking to move into a position influenced by your passion in the field.
  • As with most any job, when it comes to job fairs or interviews in general, the recruiters said time and time again about the importance of looking sharp and professional, having a clean and professional resume, and knowing information about the company you are speaking with.
  • While everyone acknowledges money as an important aspect, many stated that it should not be the primary goal in seeking a new position. A position should be sought after that will provide a good work environment for you and where you can fit in and have good chemistry with co-workers and managers; where you can be comfortable, and have a pleasant work experience. Look for a company whose philosophy and mission is closely matched to your own, and where you feel most comfortable being a part of the team. That kind of fit will make the job more satisfying and offer long term gratification and growth.


Hopefully, some of these tips that have been shared by those in the field will help you to see a bit of what they are looking for with new candidates, so that you can seek to shape and mold yourself into the type of person that can stand out from the pack and land that next opportunity.




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  • Maria C.
    Maria C.
    Thanks for the tip, I left my job after 12 years, despite having a good job, and an excellent salary, the environment was so hostile, and toxic- truly dysfunctional.. worse the administration fostered thatworking environment; However, searching for a new job has not been easy- there is fierce competition- especially when one has being specialized in one area of nursing. Hospitals only want experience in a certain area, instead of recognizing seasoned nurses, and be willing to mentor, if needed.
  • mary a
    mary a
    thank you. I don't think we should take the first job that comes up. we all have to find a job that fits our own special skill set and not just because we need a job.
  • Emilia c
    Emilia c
    the article has good points because I have a good job, excellent pay but the  evironment was very toxic.
  • Michelle D
    Michelle D
    This article very informative for the health care professional looking for employment.
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