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How you prepare your application materials and present yourself as a job candidate has drastically changed from years before. Applicants must know approach the job search by utilizing technological advances to remain competitive in the job market. Ensure you are maximizing your time and presenting your qualifications in the most appropriate manner with these strategies.

Focus on Professional Development

While many job seekers enroll in professional development seminars and college courses to stay on top of industry trends, overlooking out-of-the-box opportunities could hurt their job search efforts. Get creative when improving your skills by focusing on entrepreneurial ventures and volunteer opportunities. For example, if you are in the accounting field, volunteer to process taxes or build budgets for the less fortunate in your community. Launch an online startup with a colleague, or volunteer for side gigs to gain more knowledge.

Build Your Professional Brand

Employers typically seek individuals who have established themselves as experts in the field to fill professional positions. Stay engaged on social media, craft a professional website and network with professionals who have a thoroughly developed brand during your job search. When crafting your cover letter, include your online profiles that include sample work to impress potential employers.

Revamp Your Resume

Your resume and cover letter offer tangible proof to employers that you have the skills and qualifications necessary to complete the job duties. During your job search, revamp your resume so it professionally displays what you are capable of as an employee. Pay close attention to format to ensure your resume is reader-friendly, and add details about any collaborations you have been a part of during your career. Beyond listing your duties, offer proof of success by detailing sales numbers, budgets you have worked with and on-the-job achievements. Outline your involvement in the community or recognition you have received by industry professionals.

Embrace Technology

The days of mailing in your resume to employers are gone. Your job search should find you utilizing technology in ways that save you time, while also simplifying the process. Whip out your smartphone to scan in documents, upload resumes and application materials to online applicant tracking platforms and access professional development applications to improve your skills and knowledge of the field. Many employers also utilize online software for applicants to complete assessments prior to a job interview. Technology can work to your advantage and also allow you to track the application process while organizing and filing your application materials.

Utilize new technologies to build your brand, revamp your resume and organize your materials for job opportunities during your job search. Candidates who can master applications, programs and social media to market their skills gain exposure and build expert status to catch the attention of potential employers. How you present yourself both online and in person is a deciding factor in whether or not you qualify as a viable job candidate.

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