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The longer your job search goes on, the easier it is to lose motivation and purpose.  It may seem hopeless, as one job opportunity after another slips away.  Getting a healthcare position with a top healthcare provider, top physician or practice can be tough.  Not only do you have to sell yourself in the interview, you have to have the kind of qualities and personality needed to easily build rapport with patients, make people feel comfortable, and be the type of professional that can gain the respect and trust of physicians and healthcare providers in a stressful, fast-paced profession. 


It’s easy to get discouraged, but an article, “5 Ways to Get And Keep Motivated,” has five tips to help regain a positive outlook.  The tips come from a top motivational speaker, Omar Periu, and can be applied to job seekers, business owners and anyone who feels their morale and positive attitude slipping. 


If you’ve been looking for a job for a long time, you may slip into “auto-pilot,” doing things out of habit instead of with purpose.  Sure, you want to get a job, but as the days and months slip by, you can lose sight of your real purpose of finding a job that will lead to a career in an area of healthcare that you are passionate about.  Instead, you may find yourself chasing just any position.  Regaining your purpose will motivate you to get back on track.


Another motivator is taking responsibility for your own actions.  It’s not about taking credit or blame; it’s about being in control of your action or reaction to situations.  If you make a bad decision, it's not good or bad, it’s an opportunity to study the outcome, how you got there, and what decision you make next.  Being in control of your destiny and owning the outcomes is empowering.


Perfection is an elusive target.  The need for things to be perfect before taking action takes the enjoyment out of just about anything.  Instead of being proud of your accomplishments, you’re always criticizing and looking for flaws.  Get comfortable with “good enough” and take action.  Many companies adopt this method when introducing new ideas or products, letting the public act as a marketing and research tool, giving feedback through customer service and suggestions for improvement.  Take action and welcome feedback for improvement.


You are what you eat, and if you eat poorly, your body and energy suffer.  Changing poor eating habits and taking care of yourself can boost your morale and your personal appearance.  Losing a few extra pounds, exercising and toning not only make you look better but reaffirm your ability to make good choices and exercise will power and determination. 


Motivation is contagious.  If you want to boost your motivation level, start hanging out with highly motivated people.  If you want to be successful, they say to surround yourself with successful people and learn everything you can from them and how they became successful.  At first, they may seem wired or unreal, but after a while as your motivation level increases, you’ll find a new level of normal.  You’re no longer trying to be positive, it’s just who you are.  A relaxed, positive person makes a great impression in an interview and on the job. 


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  • carol b
    carol b
    The words are so true. But, I also have come to the decision that my career in healthcare is at its end.  Now I need to find out where I go from here.
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