Looking For New Career Ideas? 8 Tips to Help You Find the Right Career

Julie Shenkman
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Looking for new career ideas? Are you feeling frustrated in your job, but just don't know what else to do? Have you got a good idea of the kind of work you don't want but not a clue about what you do want? Read on to find out about 8 ways you can explore new career ideas and come up with the elusive answer to your career change challenge. One of the main reasons people struggle with career change is that they fail to think outside the box. Their ideas are really just more of the same. Here are some ways to help you to begin to think laterally. Start by looking inwards and then focus outwards too. 1. Skills. Don't just look at the skills you have gained at work, but consider what you do in your spare time too. What talents have you been able to grow through your interests and community work? How could you use these in a job? 2. Interests. Given that many people fall into jobs in an unplanned way, take time now to think about what you really enjoy doing. Go right back to when you were a kid. What really gave you a buzz? What jobs would allow you to feel that same excitement? 3. Achievements. What have you done that you are proud of? Again, not just at work. Maybe the part you played in putting on a local drama club production gave you a real sense of satisfaction. What does that suggest about the kind of work that would be satisfying for you? 4. Personality. Just what makes you tick? Do you know what kind of person you are? Being in a job that fits your personal style is like wearing well fitting shoes. What kind of work would allow you to feel truly 'at home'? 5. People watch. Take a look at the people around you, both friends and casual encounters. What jobs are they doing? Look at aspects of their job, not the whole thing. What parts of their work appeal to you and what do you think you would dislike? What does that tell you about the work that would be right for you? 6. Work shadow. If you have a few ideas that sound interesting, then see if you can fix up to volunteer somewhere where you can get an inside view. Or shadow someone for a day, for an hour or even just meet up with them for coffee and a chat and then pick their brains and dig below the surface of the job to find out more about what is involved. Check whether it is an idea that would be worth investigating further. 7. Be a career researcher. Just watch the world with job seeker eyes. There are 100s of jobs out there that never appear in any careers encyclopaedia. Be alert to the jobs referred to directly or indirectly when you are reading the paper, watching TV or listening to the radio. See if you can identify a dozen new career ideas every week that you never realised existed before. One of these could be just what you are looking for. 8. Turn off your inner censor. Just for a while switch off the 'yes, but' voice in your head. Allow yourself to explore ideas uncritically. Open your mind to the enormous pool of possibilities out there and look for something that really captures your enthusiasm. Just what would you do if anything was possible? Once you feel inspired, the 'yes, but' responses are much easier to challenge. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring today! And if you still need more career ideas and inspiration, then I invite you to take a look at the How To Change Careers website where you will find a host of career change ideas to get you moving, and you can also download my free ebook 11¾ Ways To Kick Start Your Career Change http://www.how-to-change-careers.com/kick-start-your-career-change.html From Cherry Douglas - Your Career Change Guide Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Cherry_Douglas

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Wow! This is a great discussion. There are so many work at home scams, that it's almost hard to believe that there are actually legitimate opportunities out there. When changing careers, it's important to really examine what you want, what you need and what you're willing to take. Whether you find a work from home job or a traditional one, don't pay money to get started in a new career.
  • David Molnar
    David Molnar
    Great ideas, but unfortunately nothing covers the terrible AGE issue. ?I'd love a PT job or work at home. ?First off, try to locate the work at home employers versus the scam. ?Second, I was just informed that I was over-qualified to be a cashier at a local home improvement store. ?
  • Julia K.
    Julia K.
    I'm in the market for a work from home data entry or call center type job that I can work 5 to 7 days a week from home. While I run a small insurance agency from my home currently,I can sure use another part-time in home position to supplement my income.
  • jeff
    I would love to learn about work at home but also do not want to fall into the scam trap.
  • Deborah McLean
    Deborah McLean
    Been a nurse all my life, now ready to stay home or work in office doing medical billing. No longer able to pull and tug on patients in ICU setting. Need desk job due to bad back. Where do I start to learn this?
  • Marianne W.
    Marianne W.
    I would like to change my career. Working from home would be great but there are so many scams out there and I cannot afford to pay to get a job.
  • Janet Dugger
    Janet Dugger
    Comment to Myra Alexander...There are all types of careers out there, the main thing is get educated in your career interest area. Have a career assessment taken,  they are free at state employment agencies, to see where your skills, abilities and interest lie.  Specialise in the skills trainging of your choice NOT any one elses, what is your hearts desire?)and in the area a of your personal interest.  There are night classes, while you work the day, and the short-termed classes are affordable. The courses are for upgrading your skills and being more successful.  Stay with State run schools, they are way less expensive.  You get the same quality of education, because the Instructors are teaching in their expertise and are of the same caliber as private schools.Any advertisments of Career Schools (Vocational or College) on television are normally propriatary (private) schools and they are extremely expensive compared to State run higher learning facilities.  Who pays for the advertising???  It doesn't matter what age one is... it's the desire they have in their heart.People get more bang for the buck when choosing a State Higher Educational Learning Facility, whether it be vocational or college....  Have a "happy path to the journey" of reaching your hearts desire in a job change.  Glad to help.
  • Denise Collins
    Denise Collins
    I am intrested in work at home options that are valid jobs and I can make some money at not just the scams out there. Thank you,Denise
  • Myra Alexander
    Myra Alexander
    Please email me with what types of training programming is available.
  • Myra Alexander
    Myra Alexander
    I am interested in changing careers but would like to inquire about what type of training is available.
  • robert taylor
    robert taylor
    Perfect for someone who is unclear of their career aspirations.
  • Jing Wang
    Jing Wang
    Sounds like a wonderful idea. Great article. Thanks
  • Rohit
    Perfect for someone who is unclear of his/her career aspirations

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