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You take your vitamins and eat healthy, fresh food. You hit the gym a couple times of week; walk instead of drive whenever you can. You have a circle of friends and take a break from the job to relax and de-stress regularly. So why do you still feel lousy? On edge? Bored?


Finding and keeping a job is important on many levels, but there comes a time when leaving a job may be better for your health. A Business Insider article, “10 Signs That It’s Time To Leave Your Job,” makes the case for walking away from a job even if yours is not in jeopardy. The toll a toxic workplace or unfulfilling job takes on your mental and physical health may just not be worth the paycheck.


The economy is taking a toll on jobs and companies. If you worked for Borders Bookstores or Blockbuster video stores, you probably knew a point when it was time to jump ship before it went down with you in it. Hanging on to the bitter end may make you feel loyal and keep the checks coming, but it can take a toll on your mental attitude, having to live every day with the knowledge that the end is coming. Taking steps to look toward a future is healthier than waiting for the end of something.


Taking a job a little above your skills or experience can be exciting. Learning new things, new processes, or being in on the ground floor of a new venture is exciting. But after the excitement comes the boredom of repetition. Most jobs have some routine responsibilities that can cause boredom. If you’ve mastered every process, there comes a time when there’s not much more to learn. Boredom and lack of learning opportunities could have you running for the door.


Another reason to leave your job is declining health. The stress of fighting a major illness takes its toll. There comes a point when failing health diminishes your job performance and contribution to the team. The other side is what you could be doing if you weren’t obligated to a job. Spending time with family, traveling or just taking time to pursue interests that you never had time for because of the long hours on the job are all good reasons for walking away from a job before you aren’t able to enjoy your life.


The best reason to leave a job is when you have a better opportunity. And that doesn’t just mean more money. It could be travel, spending time saving the planet or your community, or pursuing your passion with a paycheck attached. There comes a time when you have to do what’s best for you, your career and your future. Company loyalty is admirable, but in the end you have to be loyal to yourself.


Ask a child what he or she wants to be and you’ll hear the standard answers – fireman, doctor, lawyer, teacher or Bob the Builder. If you’ve lost sight of your goals and traded them for the company’s goals, you may feel a sense of emptiness, and that’s not healthy for anyone. If you’ve lost sight of your own goals, it may be time to leave and refocus. Your health, and the chance for a healthy, fulfilling future, may depend on it.


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  • Beth C
    Beth C
    I so agree.....I am going to resign today
  • Mary Nestor-Harper
    Mary Nestor-Harper
    I'm glad you liked the article.  With so much focus on finding a job, some people have situations that should have them thinking about whether working is the best thing for a healthy life.  
  • dennis m
    dennis m
    I have to say, this article is rather informative for those of us with health conditions. Thank you
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