Lady Gaga’s Weight and Self-Image Concerns Mask Deeper Troubles

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As a healthcare professional, you may someday encounter the challenge of dealing with the physical and emotional problems of the rich and famous. While these people can afford the finest medical care, they must often be persuaded to follow advice that interferes with their lifestyle and travel habits. It then becomes your job to do whatever you can to guide these individuals and prevent them from literally self destructing.

Lady Gaga is a prime example of someone living “on the edge.” While she may have raised the bar in media exposure and outrageous style, she’s also pushing the envelope when it comes to the consumption of food (or lack of it), possible drug abuse and some extreme self-appraisals.

The singer/performer often skimps on meals during tours in an effort to squeeze into her more form-fitting outfits. Aside from malnutrition, reports say she seems overly obsessed with her weight, often staring at her reflection in the mirror for long bouts of self-recrimination. One could say she’s acting like a teen on the verge of anorexia, endlessly subjecting herself to body-image critiques.

Some feel that her outlandish clothes and wigs, and the need to appear slim and energetic are attempts to mask the side affects of her Lupus. While publicly admitting to confronting the disease, it has taken its toll--including hair loss and the appearance of distracting red blotches that cover parts of her body.

As if the Lady hasn’t enough to worry about, there have been reports of her drug use, which began at an early age. Her friends admit that the star has done heroin, cocaine and ecstasy, as well as some other drugs. In fact, Stefi--as the Lady is known to her friends--has become somewhat of a stranger to them.

If you have any thoughts on how healthcare professionals should deal with media stars, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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