Know Your Brand's Storyline to Better Assist Customers

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A successful customer service journey relies heavily on the storyline and plot of a company's branding strategies. Employees must embrace the mission and goals that outline scene by scene how to approach, treat and serve customers and clients. Create a story that matches your company's goals, and train employees to act out the scene to deliver a stellar performance and experience.

Begin crafting a story that is memorable for your clients by defining how you want customers served. Do your clients expect fast customer service with speedy checkouts or friendly, patient call center representatives prepared to troubleshoot problems? Identify how you want each and every interaction or call to begin. Create scripts for your representatives that model the storyline, and ensure the plot thickens with overall client satisfaction. Customers evaluate the entire experience, so it is important to determine the impression you want your employees to convey.

Develop the characters in your story through company branding. Identify how you want customers to remember their experiences with your company and its representatives. For example, Apple focuses on the customer service experience in its support centers by strategically placing experts on the floor of each retail store. Apple experts are within reach and available to quickly provide consulting services for potential buyers and existing customers. Automotive repair shops such as Jiffy Lube practice company branding that focuses on fast and easy service. The company compiles customer information in databases to quickly reference during repeat visits to speed up processing, so customer frustration levels and long waits are minimized.

Customer service stories and branding are directly tied to how employees introduce themselves and develop relationships with clients. Train your employees to take steps to identify the needs and wants of clients from the start of the interaction and to take a special interest in how the customer prefers to be treated. Employees should eliminate distractions and focus their attention on the client's questions, problems or issues to develop a solution, product or service. Allow the customer to explain his needs, vent about frustrations, and identify how he wants to be served. Create resolutions that end on a pleasant and satisfied note as if the scene of the performance deserves a standing ovation for an outstanding customer service experience.

Companies face extreme competition in many industries, and superior service can set them apart and position them at the top. Develop clear strategies to provide superior customer service, and identify steps for employees to approach conflicts and problems, develop relationships with clients and produce a satisfying resolution for both customers and the company. When companies develop branding strategies that focus on customer satisfaction, the philosophy of the company is revealed with each and every interaction.

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