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Nowadays, more people than ever are opting for the uncommon honeymoon. And that means staying at hotel that's not your typical lover's retreat.

Often called novelty hotels, these post-wedding getaways cater to those who seek truly interesting and unusual accommodations. A place and experience that will give them bragging rights on the most unusual place they shared matrimonial bliss. A sampling:

Mt. Rainer's Cedar Creek Tree Houses. Located in Ashford, Washington State, this bed and breakfast is 50 feet up in the air and nestled in an enormous cedar tree.

Boston's Golden slipper Bed and Breakfast. This floating B&B on historical downtown's Lewis Warf is a seaside yacht that accepts reservations from the first of May to the middle of November. The yacht accommodates just four at a time, so call ahead for reservations.

Ice Hotel in Quebec. Constructed entirely of ice, this hotel features a four-course meal, cocktails in the bar, and a buffet breakfast.

Jule's Undersea Lodge. Situated in Key Largo, Florida, the accommodations are 21 feet under water.

Kokopelli's Cave. For honeymooning troglodytes, this unusual hotel in Farmington, New Mexico is situated 70 feet underground near the Mesa Verde National Monument.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Located in Glen Rose Texas lets you spend a romantic night in a nature preserve and take in a morning safari where there are lots of animals to see.

If you're considering a career in the hospitality industry but want something different than your usual hotel job, you might think about working in one of these offbeat venues.

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