How to Make Your Biotech Resume Pop

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Biotechnology is a booming industry right now, with a good number of positions open; but this doesn’t mean that competition isn’t steep. There are many skilled candidates looking for long-term work just like you—which is why it’s important for you to make sure that you are able to compete if you’re looking to enter or further your career in this profession.

How can you get this done? Consider making your resume “pop” by using the following ideas:

Write With a Great Understanding of Your Industry

Biotechnology is a specialized industry defined by its focus on the use of living organisms (or their products) to modify human health and the human environment. Of course, if you have studied within this industry, you know the basics; but you also know some amazing specifics about the field.

As you write your resume, it’s important that you add information that shows you know the industry inside and out. Adding keywords and phrases is a great way to get this done.

Be as specific as possible in your job target, branding statement, career summary, professional history, etc. about your accomplishments in the past and what you can contribute now by adding words and phrases like “biological decontamination procedures”, “protein quantification”, “cell proliferation”, and “gel shift analysis”. Essentially, you’re using words that correctly and specifically describe your level of knowledge.

Zero in on the Company’s Needs

Of course, when you’re applying for a biotech position, you’re not just working for the industry as a whole—you’re working for a specific company that has its own needs and wants, including making its own splash in the industry.

Your job is to research those needs so that you can showcase how you will make a difference. Consider researching the company via its Web site; and also check news outlets to see if the company has encountered any issues you might want to problem-solve in your resume. And, of course, directly address qualification requirements listed in the job posting.

Prioritize Your Qualifications and Quantify Results

If you want your resume to stand out, it’s important that you always list your greatest accomplishments first. Whatever you’ve pulled off in your career that will “wow” hiring managers should be as close to the top of any section of your resume as possible.

And while you’re busy “wowing” hiring managers with your accomplishments, take time to quantify your results. Talk about how few days it took for you to meet a goal and how much of the industry was affected by your results to help the hiring manager visualize the amazing contributions you’ve made.

The more effort you put into creating a targeted biotech resume, the more yours will stand out from the competition. There are many candidates writing good resumes, but for yours to be great, you want to do what it takes to make it pop!


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  • P. Robert Francis
    P. Robert Francis
    Good advice!  Doing some research on the company's publications can help to identify specific lab techniques and procedures that they are using, and the language they use to describe them.  If you can mirror this in your CV you will be ahead of the game.

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