How to Know When It's Time to Go!

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People often ask me how they will know when the time is right to spread their entrepreneurial wings and take to the skies. Their concern at that particular moment is not succeeding. The most important objective for these individuals at that moment is to avoid crashing. Their hearts shout for them to soar but their sole provider-ship mind of logic tells them it will destroy them to take the leap. So therein the dilemma lies. I could just tell you to follow your heart, punctuate with a period at the end and call it a day. While I believe everyone - yes, even sole providers - should follow the leading of their own hearts, it does involve timing. Miss the timing and you won't like where or how you land. Perhaps this will help you recognize when your time comes. The Joy is Gone If you once truly loved getting up every morning and serving your current employer but have lost that yearning, it may be time to start easing toward the door. If you've never enjoyed your job but you're just doing it for the money, you'll want to walk faster! I believe that, in order for us to be committed to what lies ahead, we must become disenchanted with the present. Otherwise we wouldn't want to go. Remember the song: I Left My Heart in San Francisco? We'll be of no use in our new dream if we don't emotionally disconnect from what we've been plugged into. If you don't feel plugged in...don't feel the positive, creative energy surging through your veins... that's a sign that you're on your way! You Feel Anxious Our bodies have a way of telling us when what we're doing doesn't line up with our heart's desire. When our career path is congruent with our life calling, our bodies are at peace. Contrary, when we feel edgy or have phantom feelings of fear, that's a clue that perhaps you should pursue your true path in life. You Are Getting Sick In-congruency and un-fulfillment in our current career produces certain chemical reactions in our bodies. If that continues for an extended period of time, our bodies begin to rebel, even shut down. If you're experiencing symptoms that your doctor hasn't traced back to a specific illness, you may want to let them know about your exit plans. Chances are, your physician will give their blessings, even their urging, for you to get out while you're still healthy enough to follow your heart. We sometimes stay put because it's what's familiar. It seems a better bet than venturing into the unknown. Understandable for sure but not always in your best interest. Even individuals who are being physically abused stay in bad relationships for the same reason. With your life and career, peace should always be your compass. If it's lacking where you are, it's time to find another adventure. One that lines up with the desire of your heart. It's what you were created to do! You - and our world - will be much better when you live your dream! Remember: Your Dream is Too Important to Go Unlived! Here's to your flight, Reba J. Hoffman, Ph.D. Professional Coach Single Source Coaching®

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for taking a moment to post a comment. Thanks Dr. Hoffman for sharing this information. You're words are truly an inspiration.
  • Michell A.
    Michell A.
    To know when it's time to go will eventually become clear as the blue sky.  I'm glad to have read the piece in your article that mentions health, that was my key.... Thank you!
  • Nodin
    Thanks for sharing.
  • Jenelle
    Great common sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.
  • Koketso S.
    Koketso S.
    Thank you for the inspiration!!!!I needed to hear this!!!!I'm at a point of edginess and crave for a fulfilling adventure in my career....I am armed to follow my dream now!!!!Thank you once again!!!!
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