How to Get the Most Out of a Healthcare Recruiter

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A healthcare recruiter can help you find that ideal job. The good ones will keep their ears to the ground for job openings that aren't widely advertised. They can also offer some career guidance about hiring trends and are often more in the know about salaries for certain positions.

Of course, not all healthcare recruiters are alike. And there are times when a recruiter may not be of much help. If you're starting out and just looking for a basic staff-level position in a hospital, a recruiter may only be marginally helpful. On the other hand, if you're an MBA grad eager to move up to a management or administrative post, a healthcare IT spot, or sales position, you may want to consult an experienced healthcare recruiter.

When evaluating recruiters, get referrals and do some due diligence. Find a healthcare recruiter in The Directory of Executive Recruiters. Send a few of them your resume, then follow up with a phone call and see if the "chemistry" is right. Give them your "elevator pitch" and note how they respond. Don't be hard nosed about salary; leave this open. Recruiters know what the going rate is for most positions.

Arrange to meet with the recruiter that best matches your career goals and personality. At the meeting, discuss your career objectives in more detail. Listen to any suggestions the recruiter may have about improving your pitch, your resume, and advice on how to answer some of the tougher HR questions.

Finally, keep the pressure up on your end. Continue your aggressive job search by networking. Do some online research of hospitals you'd like to work for and apply to advertised job openings.

For some added insights, check out this interesting video on Medical Device Sales: Recruiter Goes through Resumes.

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