How to Create a Treasure Map Book

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Something I learned about many years ago from a motivational speaker by the name of Michael Wickett was a treasure map book. A treasure map book is a tool you can use to help you bring into your life all of the goals you set for yourself. It is a book that has in it the pictures of the lifetime goals you want to achieve.

Create the Book
One of the ways you can create it is by taking a 3 ring binder and dividing it into the eight basic goal setting areas of: health, career, self-improvement, financial, leisure-recreational, spiritual, family and material purchases. The next step is to take photos or cut out pictures from magazines of things you want to accomplish or own.

Cut Out Pictures
For example, a picture of you when you were in excellent physical shape could be used in the health section of your treasure map book. If you can’t find a picture of yourself in excellent shape, than find and cut out a picture out of a magazine of a physically fit person. To personalize it, take a photo of you and cut off your head and paste it on the picture of the person from the magazine.

For leisure – recreation goals, you can cut out a picture of a place you would like to visit on a vacation. For example a picture of the downtown section of Paris, France would be a very vivid image for you to have in your book.

For a material purchase goal, like a new automobile, you can take a picture of that special new car you would like to own, and paste it into your book.

Make a Power Point Presentation
An even better way to create your treasure map book is to search the internet for pictures of the images that represent your goals and then cut and paste them into a power point presentation. You can even add music to it for an auditory appeal.

Use It Every Day
Once your treasure map book is created, look at it daily. Good times of day to do this are just upon arising and just before bed at night. Say the words out loud to yourself. Using the images from your book, imagine how it would look and feel for you to be able to accomplish these goals. What would you smell? What would you hear? Use all of your senses to experience the finished goal in your mind.

These images from your treasure map book will serve as strong reminders that will inspire you to get into action and do the things that will attract these goals into your life. The best thing about this exercise is that it is fun, inspiring and really works.

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