How to Be Cheery Post-Holiday

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Even during the happiest of seasons, the holiday blues can sneak up on you. All of the excitement and build-up to the holidays can lead to a big letdown after it's all over. Here are some tips to help you stay positive and cheery after the holidays are done.

Get enough rest.

It's impossible to remain cheery when you haven't had enough sleep, and with a busy holiday season just behind you, a little extra sleep could be just the ticket to avoiding the holiday blues. A lack of sleep can make you feel overly stressed and make it feel impossible to get through the day. Focus on going to bed at the same time every night, even on weekends, so you can get enough rest to face your work day.

Give yourself something to look forward to.

The "fun" times may be over for another year, but that doesn't mean you have to stop having fun. Give yourself small rewards or treats to look forward to, and you'll find it easier to remain cheerful throughout the day. Choose small rewards such as a cup of coffee with a co-worker after work, or larger ones like a pedicure or manicure. Just having something to look forward to can boost your attitude and help you stay positive.

Fake it until you feel it.

Even if you don't feel cheerful, put on a smile. They're notoriously contagious, and once your co-workers and clients see you smiling, they're likely to return the gesture, leading to a generally positive mood all-round.

Get outside.

Take a walk on your lunch break and get a healthy dose of vitamin D to help keep away the post-holiday blues. If you can't get outdoors, get to a gym for some exercise to help boost your feel-good endorphins and put you in a great mood. You'll feel better and shed any extra pounds that may have crept on during the recent festivities, which may have been contributing to your holiday blues.

Count your blessings.

It may sound trite, but one of the best ways to beat the holiday blues is to take time each day to recognize all that you have to be thankful for. Hate being at the office? Be grateful for having a job and co-workers, who probably feel the same way you do at this time of the year. An added bonus to assuming an "attitude of gratitude" is the fact that it can be contagious, making everyone around you take stock of their own blessings, which can boost their mood too.

Post-holiday blues are a real problem, not just an imagined one. If you find it difficult to be cheery after the holidays have finished, realize that you're not alone. Lean on your co-workers, friends and friends for support, and you will all feel a little more cheerful in no time.


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