How to Adapt to the Five Ways Customer Service Has Changed

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A key element of successful customer service is to keep the client happy and satisfied. The phrase, "the customer is always right" still rings true, but changes to how customers shop and seek services has forced businesses to adapt and offer innovative sales strategies and support to retain satisfied clients.

The Customer Is in Control

You are no longer in the driver's seat when providing customer service. Clients, shoppers and customers have a strong voice and they are not afraid to publicize when they are satisfied or dissatisfied with a company's practices. As a result, you need to adjust your strategies and processes to be where the customers are at all times. Offer online options for self-service, communicate and troubleshoot via social media and reach out to customers who are commenting online about your products and services.

The Customer Seeks Self-Service

The days of customers patiently waiting on hold to have a question answered are long gone. Your clients seek customer service at their fingertips. Provide online FAQ pages, troubleshooting guides and chat options on your websites. Allow customers to place orders online or via smartphones or tablets to expedite service.

The Customer Likes to Text

Texting is not just a means to stay connected to friends and family; it is also a successful form of customer service. Institute text alerts regarding service or products. Invite customers to text questions or sign up for text messages regarding new products or discounts. Stay connected to your client base through the technological means they prefer.

The Customer Wants Quick and Personalized Service

You will quickly see your sales strategies derail if you do not embrace service that is fast and personalized. Customers expect to get immediate responses to chat messages, text messages and social media posts. Businesses that ignore customer complaints online or on Twitter or Facebook could be setting themselves up for a viral thread that can significantly impact branding and their reputation. Designate individuals to monitor social media and provide personalized messages to customers who are tweeting or posting about their satisfaction levels with your products and service.

The Customer Wants Consistency and Improved Service

The most valuable input you can receive about your customer service should come from your clients. Collaborate with your existing customers to determine changes that should be made within the organization or to the product base. Evaluate the reviews and consistently communicate with your clients to develop better strategies, techniques, and products and services. Customers want to see that their input has an impact on improving service.

Adapting your processes to satisfy customers is not just an option; it is a necessity. Improve customer service by offering a variety of means to serve your customers and communicate with them in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

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