Hospitality 101 - Part IV - Information!

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As the saying goes, (true or false) information is transformed into knowledge and knowledge is power! Mybelief and experience, derives a modifcation of that axiom and a contrarian viewpoint! Knowledge isn't power, but applied knowledge is power! As it applies to the hopsitality industry, the only information that needs to be shared with clients(often referred to as guests) is that information that is necessary and useful as information categorized as such, will be remembered as knowledge and to go one step further, embellish the experience and service aspect of the business at hand.

In the lodging industry, a comprehensive explanation of amenities, location of same and other services offered is useful information that becomes guest knowledge! We would anticipate that this type of information would be "standard fare" across the industry, but if presented at all, is inconsistent at best!

Another example applies to the restaurant industry. Almost all establishments have ongoing or daily specials. Many establishments post this useful information on a blackboard or poster visible when the client first enters the restaurant. Others have a special "pull out" in their menus highlighting daily specials. Still others have the waitstaff recite the daily specials, from memory. Of course some do not even post this information and rely on the client to request the information. Not good! Therefore considering the former three methods mentioned, which would become useful information, or the most useful? If information presented is too soon to affect the decsision (blackboard or poster when entering) or too late to affect the decision (presented by the wait person after the client has reviewed the menu), the special menu section highlighting the information becomes the most useful information as it is timely and easy to comprehend impacting the decision to be made.

Medical offices oft times have too much information that can confound the decision to be made by the attending medical professional. Again applied knowledge, not the quantity of information is what is tantamount to a good outcome. Oft-times, time constraints, due to patient overload and scheduling do not permit the attending medical expert to correctly evaluate the information available. Too much information or not enough time on hand due to pressures on time lead to an unfavorable outcome or even a misdiagnosis. The culpabilty of useful information or applied knowledge, becomes incumbent on the patient paying for the services of the attending medical professional! A total recap of prescription medicines as well as over the counter meds and vitamans tangibly presented in person by the patient may be the best method of assuring consideration being given. Also, equally important to a successful outcome is divulgence of all symptoms currently being realized and/or past maladies in addition to current concerns must be disclosed.

Internet homepages for businesses of all types offer a plethora of information. The ability to "sort out" needed information that can become "applied knowledge" that is "needed" can be difficult. Information must be condensed, outlined, and kept in an easy to digest benefit statement in the eyes of the end user accessing the website. Here again information overload leads to a bottleneck and can be a liability causing confusion with the aforementioned end user. This works in reverse of the desired outcome and objective of the business owning the website; e.g. turning away consumers as opposed to attracting potential clients! Quality of information, not quantity of information, should be the rule for all persons responsible for providing information and data to the website designer. If not, knowledge becomes superfluous and unusable as opposed to being applicable knowledge!

This is part four of Hospitality 101! Part one was the definition, part two related to the greeting, part three the smile and body language and finally part four, information. You may access the website archives if you wish to glean information from the prior three articles!

We wish you luck in your quest for employment in the industry. This website and others maybe helpful in your search. Opportunities abound and you need to sort out useful website information to fulfill your quest!

Barbi Snyder is a veteran of the hospitality industry and has managed and been employed in various aspects of the industry over a 30 year span. She may be contacted at (p) 828 625 4932 or e mail at rsnyder921@

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