Health Industry Interns: Don't Pass Up These Key Resume Tips

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As a prospective intern looking to break into the health industry, you are walking into a field that needs a lot of help but is still quite competitive. This is why, as you sculpt your resume, you want to make sure it looks professional and works to sell you as a quality candidate. Feeling a bit overwhelmed or don't know where to start? You're sure to get on the right track with the following tips: Create a Quality Job Title/Headline At the top of your resume, you want to write a job title/headline that markets you as a great intern. For instance, you could write: 'Honors Biology Major and President's Scholar Targeting Biomedical Research Internship' as your headline. This could definitely convince a hiring manager to read more about you. List Your Key Qualifications Directly under your headline, consider creating a section called 'Key Qualifications' or something similar; then make a bullet-point list with three to four key reasons why you'd make a great intern. What types of experience have you already acquired? How can you prove that you are a hard worker? How do you want to contribute to the health care industry? Answer these questions as you think about why you're the candidate best qualified for the job. Write As If You Are Applying for a Real Position Just because you're applying for an internship doesn't mean that you should not take the resume writing process just as seriously as you would for a full-time health care position. Take the time to explore the needs of the facility that is looking for an intern. Then take it a step further by learning the ins and outs of the specific health care industry in which you're hoping to work. Address those needs in your resume by showcasing the coursework you've completed and any organizations you've joined dedicated to health care. Also, include all education and training you've acquired to date that's relevant to the field. The more seriously you take writing your internship resume, the more likely a manager will feel that you are the right person for the job. So spend several days sculpting a masterpiece that will get you the position you want.

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  • Deborah Copeland
    Deborah Copeland
    Great tips! ?Thanks.

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