Happy New Year! Now you’re free to manage . . . YOU!

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Logistics and Supply Chain professionals are truly creative process thinkers. In our previous article we discussed the experience of losing our specialized FTE position, and strategies for what to do next. Let’s use some of that creativity now to manage the logistics of our own project, moving forward.

I suggested that you embrace this as a new start. If your lack of full-time employment is a brand new condition for you, I know that stuffing you full of a “PMA” speech just won’t help very much right now. Getting your thoughts back to center is easier said than done. Like any other journey, moving FORWARD is important. First, however, you need to know where you ARE, and where you plan to GO. You will never arrive at your destination if you don’t define it and precisely plan how to get there.

Try some specific tasks to plan your next phase of work:


  • Let it go. Focus on moving forward instead of “what was” in your old job. No blame, no revenge, you were not your job. Now you are a free agent. I acknowledge that getting to this point may take a while, just do it as quickly as you are able and begin your new path of FORWARD thinking.


  • Self evaluate. Everyone in a logistics specialty develops a tremendous variety of proficiencies in their skills set. Think about the challenging jobs you have experienced, the projects you’ve facilitated and the myriad of unique business types you’ve encountered. Put it all into words and write it down. Be as detailed and honest as you can. Take a breath, have fun with it, you can do this!


  • Find your common theme. In all of the detail you’ve written above, what common job attributes are present? Where was the fun? Distill the items that attracted you to, or kept you in, each type of work. Was it the details, the variety, the adrenalin, the sense of accomplishment, the people? Look closely, you will find commonalities.


  • Chances are that some of your answers will be “I needed the pay check!” That’s OK, me too. For this exercise let’s focus on the positions we took by choice. What jobs did you really pursue and why?


Are you done yet? (I really didn’t expect so.) I have charged you with a lot of thinking and analysis, but it doesn’t ALL have to come from you. Ask family, friends, trusted former co-workers and even bosses who have been close enough to really know you. Go ahead and ask them when they saw you happiest in your work, what did you do well, what do they think you’d be good at, and what do they think you should avoid?


GO! FORWARD! Do the thinking, the asking, and the summaries. Use whatever format works well for you, as long as you can find it again! Be honest with yourself. When we meet next time we’ll lean on the supply chain to see how to leverage the available deliverables!


Oh wait, I almost forgot! Let’s work together to make it a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



K.B. Elliott is a Detroit area contributing writer for Nexxt. Having worked seats on both sides of the logistics process for over 30 years gives unique perspective to the supply chain process and the varieties of successes to be had.

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