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Here you are, with a fresh new diploma, ready to hit the streets and find your first job.  If you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor of construction, but don’t really want to strap on a tool belt and work 100 stories above the ground, consider a job as a construction safety officer. 


This is a real entry level position at a construction rigging company in the Northwest.  This might be a good time to talk about what entry-level really means.  This job description put it right on the line.  The job has a nice title, but you must be willing to do whatever needs to be done--sweeping the floor, data entry and filing.  The job is not very glamorous for a new college graduate or even someone fresh out of high school.  An entry level position is ground floor.  You’re starting fresh, as if you didn’t know anything about the job or company.  It’s a good place to start since expectations are low and you have a chance to exceed expectations right from the start. 


1.     Job Duties: The Construction Safety Officer has a variety of supportive responsibilities.  He assists the dispatcher in every day administrative tasks required to dispatch and check in tools and equipment.  He also assists with safety compliance for tools and equipment.  Some construction tools have to be inspected for safety, calibrated for accuracy and meet other safety and operational criteria.  He also assists in generating documentation related to safety and filing and maintaining documents.  He also assists in shipping and receiving materials and equipment from the location.  The key word is “assists.”  This is a learning opportunity and can lead to increased responsibility.


2.     Work habits/traits.  A candidate for this job must be self-motivated, have good computer skills and attention to detail.  He must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and be highly organized.  Productivity and safety are essential to the job.  He must also be able to read and understand complex compliance documents and regulations and work within guidelines.   


3.     Education:  This is an entry level position for a new high-school or college graduate.


4.     Requirements:  Construction sites are dangerous places.  The candidate would have to pass a drug screen and background check, and most likely submit to random drug screening while employed.


5.     Salary:  An entry level, hourly position, the position starts at $12/hr., or approximately $25,000 per year.


Like a lot of entry level positions, the Construction Safety Officer interacts with other departments and related processes.  Besides learning the construction safety business, they have exposure to permitting, dispatch, construction regulations and compliance, logistics, storage, registration and titling, and various computer software systems.  The knowledge and experience gained in this position could lead to the next level in a variety of industries and organizations.


When you’re not sure about your career goals, taking an open-ended entry-level position can bring in some income while providing a wealth of training and networking opportunities.  It lets you explore careers at the operational level.  Many companies prefer to promote from within because the employees know the business by doing the work.  It makes sense to take an entry-level job that can add valuable experience to your resume and make you more attractive to your next employer. 



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    Have A CSST certification and some exposure to industrial work,willing and ready to put my new knowledge in practice and ready to learn more,just need an opportunity.
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    I would love to work in that feild.
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    This sounds like a great opportunity for me even though I am not fresh of of school I am in between jobs and looking for a change of pace and career.

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