GPA Disillusionment

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I was at the bottom of my class in high school and was warned I would never get into college because the admission boards only look at GPAs and SAT scores. I was barely passing, much less looking to keep a decent GPA. I didn’t even care about the SATs.

It wasn’t until I got into college and realized how fun learning could be, that I really dove into academics with a little help from my mom. It wasn’t because I wanted good grades, but because I wanted to learn. As a result, I made Dean’s list and maintained an average GPA above 3.7.

When graduation time came rolling around, I finally knew I was going to get to show off my GPA and all my CIA. They were excited at first but then I told the recruiter my major, and he basically said, “pass.” Disillusion set in.

When I landed a job as a marketing consultant, the interviewer didn’t ask my GPA, and when I went into newspaper reporting full-time, no one there asked me about my GPA.

It is important to do well in school, but sinking everything into a number isn’t the way to go.

Learning and exploring career fields and job options is what’s important. Planning an education is more than good grades and targeted graduation dates. You can start making a plan by visiting Education Jobsite and taking your career and education to the next level.

I took my education into my own hands, and thankfully experienced it as a whole instead of just for the grades. Now, the only time I get to talk about my GPA is at cocktail parties or trying to one-up a friend.

Those with the best jobs in the world didn’t “get” them. They made them. That holds true for education. A great education isn’t handed to you in a diploma. You get out of it what you create it to be while in the process.

Staci Dennis lives in Norfolk, VA, is married to Eric, who is awesome, and has a fat cat and two cute Puggles. She has been published in various newspapers and magazine across the nation, and worked as a reporter for 12 years. She is a contributor for Nexxt, and You can read more of her blogs on educationjobsite blog.

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