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It's no secret that good customer service strategies retain loyal clients and improve profitability for businesses within any industry. Connections with customers are crucial which is why it is important to create a personal connection. You need to get inside your clients' heads. When you know how your customers think, it's easier to improve your company's customer service.

Surveys and feedback offer valuable resources for businesses to detect how to deliver satisfaction with each and every interaction, and promote customer retention. So, you should consider polling your existing and former clients to determine which strategies are working well for your company, according to Marcia Collier with Real Business.

When conducting a survey, make sure you:

1. Ask pointed questions such as "What did you like best about the service you received?" or "How can we make you happier?"

2. Solicit negative feedback, too. This way, you learn which procedures aren't working well and what customer service areas need improvement.

3. Thank your customers for sharing their feedback at the end of the survey. This shows your client that your company values its customers' opinions.

Even though conducting a survey is a great customer service strategy to use, you should avoid badgering customers for feedback. Instead, encourage customer participation by offering a discount or free shipping in exchange for their input. Incentives not only encourage your customers to participate in your survey, but make your customers feel valued and it could encourage repeat business, an important factor in customer retention strategies.

Get inside your client's head by training your customer service agents how to listen actively. Your customer service agents should:

1. Pay attention to what your clients have to say before, during and after the transaction to build a personal connection.

2. Use positive body language such as nodding their heads or making eye contact to show customers you are listening.

3. Use verbal cues to reaffirm that they are paying attention.

Consistent performance is an important element of keeping your customers loyal. It doesn't matter if you sell pharmaceuticals to physician offices or clean homes, every interaction, transaction and final product should consistently deliver what your business has promised. Customer service is not just about acquiring new clients, it's about how customers are treated from the start of their first transaction, how their problems are handled, and how they are treated during delivery of the products or services they purchased.

Get to know your clients through personal and quality transactions that rely on your employees delivering great customer service with a personal touch. Employees who inquire about customer needs and wants, request feedback and input and follow up with genuine concern for overall satisfaction help retain loyal clients and build a reputable brand in the industry.

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