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Your resume is the key that opens doors to opportunities. In today's competitive job market, you have thirty seconds to impress hiring managers and recruiters with your resume. If you're not getting calls for interviews, consider getting a critique of your customer service resume. Here are four ways to get feedback on your resume to help you improve it and increase your chances of landing job interviews.

Former bosses – If you are on good terms with your previous employers, you can ask them for feedback on your customer service resume. After all, they hired you. Because they look at resumes all day long, they can tell you whether yours accurately describes your skills and experience and help you identify anything that may be discouraging potential employers from calling you for an interview. Be sure to properly thank your former employers for their assistance if they do choose to help you.

College professor – University teachers usually have experience in the fields they are teaching. If you're applying for a customer service position in a particular industry, have a trusted college professor in that field critique your customer service resume. Ask the professor to check that your resume positions you as a person capable of filling the needs of a hiring manager.

Nexxt – This website offers a free resume critique service. It is part of the company's resume writing service, which optimizes your customer service resume to help you get the job you want. The company will review your resume free to determine how much help your customer service resume requires, and it will customize the package to fit your needs. In addition to providing you a professionally written resume, the service will insert relevant keywords and provide personalized customer care.

Potential employers – It may seem like an odd place to look for a resume critique, but asking potential employers why they didn't hire you or call you for an interview can be a smart move. After all, businesses reach out to customers for feedback on their products and service. Since you are marketing yourself to potential employers, it's a good idea to take the same approach. Not all potential employers will have the time or inclination to help you with your resume, so be respectful of that when asking for feedback.

To win interviews, it's important that your resume present your skills, experience, and strengths in the best light. Your resume should sell you to hiring managers and recruiters as the best candidate for the job. Getting feedback on your customer service resume is an excellent way to determine if it is presenting you properly. If it isn't, taking time to make the recommended changes can help you secure the job of your dreams.



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