Four States Offer Best Job Opportunities for Nurses

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by Alex A. Kecskes

According to The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), nursing careers will offer the most job opportunities in the next decade--even as this bad economy lingers on. But some states, as one might guess, will need more nurses--due to higher populations and huge numbers of older people who will require on-going medical care. The top four "nursing deprived" states include:

California. With its aging population and multiple healthcare agencies and programs, the Golden State still offers exceptional opportunities for healthcare professionals at all levels. And thanks to the recent passage of the California Nurse Education Initiative, a public-private partnership that provides $90 million to reduce the nursing shortage, monies will be available to help pay an estimated 291,200 RNs, 64,800 LPN/LVNs and 83,600 CNAs the state will need.

New York. The Big Apple has a nursing shortage to the tune of 196,470 RNs. The state will need 55,660 LPNs and 112,450 CNAs by the end of 2016. Shift options are plentiful and RNs can earn over $74,000 a year.

Florida. With its "acres of agers," the Sunshine State will experience a huge demand for healthcare professionals. In fact, in five years, Florida will need 183,480 RNs, 61,440 LPNs and 14,130 CNAs—more than a quarter million nursing-related jobs. The state also is home to a number of world-class hospitals and geriatric centers--including highly ranked Mayo Clinic's second national facility near Jacksonville Beach.

Pennsylvania. The state's Center for Health Careers has projected an enormous need for healthcare workers, adding educational opportunities and a host of incentives to retain nurses. The state says it will need 128,100 RNs, 43,350 LPNs and 37,500 CNAs within the next six to eight years.

Having visited several California hospitals in the last five years (due to family members' illnesses), I found a shortage of good nurses. And those that were good were overworked.

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