Finding Security in the Ever-Changing Field of Medicine

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So you want to be in medicine. You decide becoming a physician is not for you. You choose a particular discipline such as nursing or surgical technology and go through a year or two of intensive all-consuming training. You’re hired before you can turn your tassel on your cap at graduation. Now what? I frequently tell medical students they will be working at a job ten years from now that has not even been created yet. Medicine is changing almost by the minute. New breakthroughs in treatment, research and equipment are constant. These new ways to combat illness bring with them the need for trained, dedicated medical personnel to administer them. As a medical professional, by following the steps below, you should be able to not only keep up with the changing times, but build your own job security in the process. 1) Tack into the wind. Our world is becoming one electronic machine. Medicine is no different. Keep up with new advancements even in your daily life. Understanding small electronics such as iPods and digital cameras will help you stay current on how electronics operate. That will give you the edge when your doctor whips out his new medical play toy. 2) Less is More. Remember that the brainiacs who invent the devises used to heal people are looking for ways to do more with less effort. That means the duty that takes you two hours to perform today will take about 3 minutes ten years from now. You’ll want to dazzle your doctor by how quickly and efficiently you perform today so he’ll really see your value using the technology of tomorrow. If you can’t do more work today in less time, you’ll become a liability tomorrow and you’ll most likely be replaced by the sleek new technological gadget of the future, complete with some little snotty-nose youngster to operate it. 3) Keep up with the Jones’. Make sure you read the medical trade journals. Know what is happening in your field. Talk to the experts to determine how it will affect what you do. Position yourself to be on the cutting edge when new technology hits the floor. Show your knowledge and desire to continue your education and it just might land you the finances for further training, compliments of your boss. Medicine offers a lifetime of fulfillment in work that helps our fellow man, keeps him healthy, nurses him back to health and comforts him in his dying days. That’s what we do and we are very good at it. With the emergence of technology in the hospital, we are assured there will be something for us to do tomorrow by how we prepare today. There’s a place for us. Opportunities are endless. Seize them and you will retire at a nice old age having been instrumental in saving the lives of thousands of your fellow citizens. Wow! It doesn’t get much better than that.

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  • Thiago d
    Thiago d
    Lifetime fullfillment, yes, I believe that. But I don't think its so simple to get work dumped in your lap. Like the medical billing software field. The influx is huge these days.
  • Davion
    I'm impressed!
  • Sample Essays
    Sample Essays
    Nice post!
  • medical billing software
    medical billing software
    This is a very interesting post on IT and health care joining together for maximum efficiency. I still believe that our private info should not be transferred digitally, only stored digitally and not connected to the web in anyway.

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