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Are you considering changing careers or simply interested in entering into a medical related career? Most people, when thinking about a career in the medical field, automatically may think about nursing or actually being a physician. Maybe that is because when you go to a hospital or doctors office you always assume that people who are taking care of you are either doctors or nurses. That is simply not true.


The purpose of this article is to show how many different careers are in the medical field, and nursing is just one small part of it. Many of us see what nurses do, especially when we visit someone in the hospital. They are responsible for making sure their patient gets the right medicine, and oversee what they may need while they are in the hospital. They are responsible for making sure the doctors orders are taken care of, and for making sure the patient is comfortable. But who does all the testing at the hospitals? 


I am sure there are times when you or someone you know has had an ultrasound or X-ray, or maybe have had to have blood taken and tested. What other careers are there, and are they just as profitable? Let's answer those questions now. 


Take ultrasound for example, this is a career field my wife has worked in for many years. Did you know there are at least four specialties in this career field alone? The first one is echocardiography, which is related to the heart. The second is vascular ultrasound, which is used to test the blood vessels both arteries and veins, for blockages and clots. The third is general ultrasound, which tests most of your internal organs like the kidneys, liver, gall bladder and spleen. The fourth is ob/gyn, and they will check pregnant women and the reproductive organs.


When you want to do ultrasound, you must first pick a specialty, and then go to the school for that specialty. Each specialty school is about 18 to 24 months long, and involves taking a registry for that specific specialty when you are finished with school. I have known people who do this for a living, and the pay is very comparable to nursing.


How about the X-ray field. Pretty much everyone at one time or another has had to have these taken or are familiar with them. Did you know that within this field are many other related fields?  Various fields exist, such as the CT technician, the MRI technician, and the Nuclear Medicine. The CT and MRI can test any part of the body, and the nuclear medicine technicians will inject a nuclear substance and scan a specific part of your body depending on what they are looking for. For a thyroid test, they will use radioactive iodine that goes directly to the thyroid for example. All of these technicians have specialty schools and exams that go with them.


Of course I could go on about all the other jobs in the medical field, but I think this is enough to chew on for now.  I will write a part two which will look a little more closely at some of the other jobs. So if you have an interest in the medical field, don't simply think in terms of doctors and nurses, but take a look at how there is so much more to explore and investigate.


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  • vernon G
    vernon G
    How can I get training
  • Elaine C
    Elaine C
    I have been involved in the administrative end of the medical field: i.e, Admissions, Ward clerk, Patient Affairs, court services and mental health services.I returned to school after a forced retirement and obtained an Associates degree in Medical Billing and Coding, but have been unable to obtain employment or an Internship.As with sylvia h, age may be a detriment.  I plan on moving to Georgia from Virginia within the next 6 to 8 months to be closer to family.
  • sylvia h
    sylvia h
    I understand there are many areas involved in the medical field.  I'm not financially able to go to college for training in a new field so I wish to utilize abilities I have obtained in 38 yrs of office related experience to use within a medical environment.  Training or further education opportunities with employment is desirable.  Involved in different stages of management for many years but without any hands on experience with this particular field I'm looking for a position to use my experience as a springboard at this time.  I need help to get in the door and I'm also concerned that my age may be a deterring factor although it should be viewed as an asset.
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