Craft a New Cover Letter for Each Job Application

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The tedious process of preparing job applications may not seem worth it as rejection letters continue to pile up, but it only takes one cover letter that is personable and customized to impress a hiring manager to bear positive results. Focus on crafting job materials that are in line with what the employer is looking for, and you may soon see your opportunities expand.

Hiring managers are likely to scan through your resume to evaluate your experience, but a well-written, customized cover letter is the key to pointing out how you are the ideal fit for the position, explains LiveCareer. You are typically limited on the amount of information you can include in a resume, which is why an introductory letter is the perfect opportunity to expand upon your skills. Tell more of your story by first showing why you are interested in working for the company. Research the business and detail how your goals match the mission of the company.

Explain why you are applying for the position. Is it because you respect the reputation and accomplishments of the company? If so, provide specific examples to illustrate why you find the company admirable. Is it because you have the skills and qualifications desired? Show how by matching your skills to the job description. Detail specific programs, software, hardware and equipment with which you are proficient so the hiring manager can see that you are a perfect fit for the position.

Take the opportunity to expand upon achievements and awards that are relevant to the position when customizing your cover letter. Highlight areas of your educational background or community involvement that are relevant to the industry to show that you have established the knowledge and networks needed to thrive within the position. Include specific details that the hiring manager can relate to and align your achievements and educational accomplishments with what the company promotes as part of its company culture. You need to show that you have the skills to succeed while revealing a personality and leadership style that meshes well with team members.

A customized cover letter also helps the employer see that you are diligent and motivated with your efforts during the job search. This sentiment often leads hiring managers to believe that those same character attributes will translate into your performance as an employee. Take the time to seek out the name of the hiring manager and address your letter and job application to the correct individual. Avoid writing vague addresses, such as, "To whom it may concern," as they may not land your materials in the right hands.

Pay close attention to details to show that you care about acquiring the position and creating a lasting relationship with the business. Your cover letter is the key to communicating professionally and ultimately obtaining a position with a company you respect.

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