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The philosophy that cover letters do not matter is false. As a necessary application material, an introductory letter allows applicants to demonstrate their professionalism, personality and traits that are not always apparent on a resume. Allow your skills, experience, accomplishments and enthusiasm to shine through with a well-prepared cover letter.

Cover letters provide applicants with the opportunity to express themselves, explains Careerealism. Express genuine interest in the position, the operations of the company and products and services provided. When writing an introductory letter, demonstrate knowledge of the business to show that you are prepared and interested in learning more about the business. A well-written letter that shows interest in the company's reputation, brand and mission identifies thorough job preparation to the hiring manager.

Applicants who submit cover letters have an edge over other candidates because they have the chance to provide more information than what is listed on a resume. An introductory letter reads differently than a resume, and has more of a personal feel to allow the hiring manager to develop a personal connection with the candidate. Provide more than just an overview of your resume to stand out. Detail career accomplishments, professional goals met and skills learned when writing a letter to a potential employer. Identify personality traits that match the company's culture and show your interest in working for a company that values employee input, teamwork and customer satisfaction.

Cover letters should be brief and complete drawn-out documents. Direct the hiring manager to your resume and entice the reader with a captivating introductory statement that captures interest, shows your professional nature and demonstrates your intent for the position. Use bullet points to highlight your accomplishments and make your objective for the career field clear from the start. Pay close attention to formatting and thoroughly proofread cover letters to avoid damaging your credibility with even the smallest errors. Employers who find spelling, grammar and punctuation errors on an applicant's letter are likely to question that candidate's ability to deliver on the job.

Finish your letter by establishing the next step in the hiring process. Request an interview, state your availability and provide your contact information for the interviewer to reach you easily. Applicants with an online portfolio or website should provide links to entice the hiring manager to seek out more information about their skills and experience.

Cover letters are as important today as they were in the past. In fact, employers expect applicants to expand upon the information in their resumes and provide a snapshot of their interests, skills and experience. Identify how you want to make a solid first impression and write a letter that makes you stand out from the competition to earn an interview and ultimately, the job.

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  • Tony N.
    Tony N.

    This is very helpful but difficult to accomplish in a few paragraphs. Points are well noted.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @John thanks for your comment. As a Recruiter, you are contacting individuals and then meeting up with them to discuss what they are looking for in a job - right? So you basically get their "cover letter" in person. I would still always recommend to job seekers to submit a cover letter whether the hiring manager has time to read it or not.

  • John D.
    John D.

    No they don't, as a Recruiter I do not have time to sit and read fluff from a candidate.

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