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When you’re looking for a job, the first thing you want to do is grab the attention of recruiters. If you feel you have the perfect cover letter, you might want to look over it again to ensure it focuses on certain aspects that entice the recruiter to call you in for face-to-face interview. Here are three tips to make your cover letter pop.

Tip 1: Leave your weaknesses off the cover letter. There is plenty of time to discuss specific personality or production weaknesses during the interview. Including a paragraph of your weaknesses for the recruiter to see immediately could send your cover letter and resume to the trash bin.

Focus on your strengths and past experiences, and remember to use specific keywords such as “wrote,” “promoted,” “initiated,” “analyzed” and others a recruiter’s eyes are trained to look for. Remember these words should relate directly to the company and what it produces or the service it provides in order to grab the attention of recruiters. Analyzing bank statements for a previous company doesn't translate as a parallel skill if you are seeking a position as a car salesman.

Tip 2: Focus on what you can do for the company instead of how wonderful your talents are, so you don’t lose the attention of recruiters. As awesome as your skills might be, it’s best to construct your cover letter in a method that shows how you can benefit the company.

Do some research on the company and think of how your natural and acquired skills can benefit your potential manager. Phrase it in a way that makes sense, sticking to how the company operates. Refrain from mentioning specific problems, yet try to relate your skills to the overall operational needs.

Tip 3: Include some testimonials that showcase what other employers have said about you to give recruiters instant insight into your potential as an employee. Look through some old performance appraisals for good things previous managers have said about you. Quote these phrases and include the name and title of the person who gave you the praise. In addition to praise quotes from old performance appraisals, consider thank you lines and recommendations from clients. Place the quotes within the body or along the side.

Only a couple praise quotes are needed to grab the attention of recruiters. If you cannot find any praise quotes, don’t be afraid to name drop a little. Mention the name of a mutual contact by saying that individual referred you to the recruiter. This sentence should be added within the first paragraph after you have introduced yourself.

Grab the attention of recruiters immediately by choosing the right words to say everything you want to say in your cover letter. Remember, these professionals see hundreds of applicants each day. Don’t let yours get filed in the trash by creating a humdrum, simple letter that’s similar to that of everyone else.


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